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Northwestern University Law Review : Issues : Volume 98, Issue 1

Volume 98, Issue 1


A Jurisprudence of Dangerousness

Christopher Slobogin

A Thousand Words Are Worth a Picture:  A Privacy Tort Response to Consumer Data Profiling

Andrew J. McClurg

Squandering the Gain:  Gainsharing and the Continuing Dilemma of Physician Financial Incentives

Richard S. Saver

The Establishment Clause:  Corollary of Eighteenth-Century Corporate Law?

Douglas G. Smith


Narrating Bankruptcy / Narrating Risk
     (reviewing Edward J. Balleisen's "Navigating Failure:  Bankruptcy and Commercial Society
     in Antebellum America";

     Bruce H. Mann's "Republic of Debtors:  Bankruptcy in the Age of American Independence";

     David A. Skeel, Jr.'s "Debt's Dominion:  A History of Bankruptcy Law in America")

John Fabian Witt


Pay Up or Shut Up:  The Supreme Court's Prospective Denial of In Forma Pauperis Petitions

Cristina Lane

Irrational Fears:  The "No Law to Apply" Doctrine Vs. the Real Culprit of Unconstitutional Delegation

Isaac J. Morris