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(formerly named the Colloquy)
  Patent Imperialism [citation]   Bernard Chao
  Inventing Around Copyright [citation]   Dan L. Burk

Current Issue: Special Issue 2014, Volume 108, Issue 3

  Foreword: 100 Years Under the Income Tax [citation]   Charlotte Crane
  Look Away Dixieland: The South and the Federal Income Tax [citation]   Robin L. Einhorn
  Did the Sixteenth Amendment Ever Matter? Does It Matter Today? [citation]   Erik M. Jensen
  The Consistency of Conservative Tax Policy [citation]   Marjorie E. Kornhauser
  What a History of Tax Withholding Tells Us About the Relationship Between Statutes and Constitutional Law [citation]   Anuj C. Desai
  Schedularity in U.S. Income Taxation and Its Effect on Tax Distribution [citation]   Henry Ordower
  Brackets: A Historical Perspective [citation]   Tracey M. Roberts
  A Bundle of Confusion for the Income Tax: What It Means to Own Something [citation]   Stephanie Hunter McMahon
  Does Federal Spending "Coerce" States? Evidence from State Budgets [citation] [data]   Brian Galle
  A Corporate Tax for the Next One Hundred Years: A Proposal for a Dynamic, Self-adjusting Corporate Tax Rate [citation]   Adam H. Rosenzweig
  Tax-Free Reorganizations: The Evolution and Revolution of Triangular Mergers [citation]   Stephanie Hoffer & Dale A. Oesterle
  The Moonscape of Tax Equality: Windsor and Beyond [citation]   Anthony C. Infanti