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Northwestern University Law Review : Issues : Colloquy 2007

Colloquy 2007

  A Pragmatic Defense of Originalism [pdf] [citation]   John O. McGinnis & Michael B. Rappaport 2007-1
  Senate Termination of Presidential Recess Appointments [pdf] [citation]   Seth Barrett Tillman 2007-2
  Keeping Recess Appointments in Their Place [pdf] [citation]   Brian C. Kalt 2007-3
  Terminating Presidential Recess Appointments:  A Reply to Professor Brian C. Kalt [pdf] [citation]   Seth Barrett Tillman 2007-4
  "Testing the 'Model Minority Myth'": A Case of Weak Empiricism [pdf] [citation]   Robert S. Chang & Rose Cuillon Villazor 2007-5
  Keeping Tillman Adjournments in Their Place:  A Rejoinder to Seth Barrett Tillman [pdf] [citation]   Brian C. Kalt 2007-6
  Why Supermajoritarianism Does Not Illuminate the Interpretive Debate Between Originalists and Non-Originalists [pdf] [citation]   Ethan J. Leib 2007-7
  Ideological Drift Among Supreme Court Justices:  Who, When, and How Important? [pdf] [citation]   Lee Epstein, Andrew D. Martin, Kevin M. Quinn, and Jeffrey A. Segal 2007-8
  Justices Who Change:  A Reply to Epstein et al. [pdf] [citation]   Linda Greenhouse 2007-9
  Greening Justice Blackmun [pdf] [citation]   Stephen B. Burbank 2007-10
  The Use and Limits of Martin-Quinn Scores to Assess Supreme Court Justices, with Special Attention to the Problem of Ideological Drift [pdf] [citation]   Ward Farnsworth 2007-11
  From Park Place to Community Chest:  Rethinking Lawyers' Monopoly [pdf] [citation]   Tom Lininger 2007-12
  Mandatory Pro Bono and Private Attorneys General [pdf] [citation]   Samuel R. Bagenstos 2007-13
  Volition and Voltaire:  A Response to Professor Bagenstos [pdf] [citation]   Tom Lininger 2007-14
  Is Post-Kelo Eminent Domain Reform Bad for the Poor? [pdf] [citation]   Ilya Somin 2007-15
  What Tool Works Tells Us About Tailoring Patent Misuse Remedies [pdf] [citation]   David McGowan 2007-16
  Massachusetts v. EPA:  Breaking New Ground on Issues Other Than Global Warming [citation]   Kathryn A. Watts & Amy J. Wildermuth 2007-17
  Originalism and Supermajoritarianism:  Defending the Nexus [citation]   John O. McGinnis & Michael B. Rappaport 2007-18
  Why The Blight Distinction in Post-Kelo Reform Does Matter [citation]   David A. Dana 2007-19
  Massachusetts v. EPA Heats Up Climate Policy No Less Than Administrative Law:  A Comment on Professors Watts and Wildermuth [citation]   Jonathan H. Adler 2007-20
  Jurisdictionality and Bowles v. Russell [citation]   Scott Dodson 2007-21
  Memo to the President (and his opponents):  Ideology Still Counts [citation]   David A. Strauss 2007-22
  Is the "Junk" DNA Designation Bunk? [citation]   Simon A. Cole 2007-23
  Nonjurisdictionality or Inequity? [citation]   Elizabeth Chamblee Burch 2007-24
  Please, Let’s Bury the Junk:  The CODIS Loci and the Revelation of Private Information [citation]   D.H. Kaye 2007-25
  Selecting the President:  A Bad Idea Out There in California [citation]   Robert W. Bennett 2007-26
  There Is Nothing Pragmatic About Originalism [citation]   David S. Law & David McGowan 2007-27
  "Ingenious Argument" or Serious Constitutional Problem?  A Comment on Professor Epstein's Paper [citation]   Philip Hamburger 2007-28
  Coming Clean About "Junk DNA" [citation]   Simon A. Cole 2007-29
  Is Dick Cheney Unconstitutional [citation]   Glenn Harlan Reynolds 2007-30
  Pleading Standards Should Not Change After Bell Atlantic v. Twombly [citation]   Keith Bradley 2007-31
  Taking the Legislative Temperature:  Which Federal Climate Change Legislative Proposal Is "Best"? [citation]   Victor B. Flatt 2007-32