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(formerly named the Colloquy)
  Of Bitcoins, Independently Wealthy Software, and the Zero-Member LLC [citation]   Shawn Bayern
  Party-Based Corruption and McCutcheon v. FEC [citation]   Michael S. Kang

Current Issue: Fall 2013, Volume 108, Issue 1

  Informal Deference: A Historical, Empirical, and Normative Analysis of Patent Claim Construction [citation] [data]   J. Jonas Anderson & Peter S. Menell
  On Duopoly and Compensation Games in the Credit Rating Industry [citation]   Robert J. Rhee
  Reclaiming the Equitable Heritage of Habeas [citation]   Erica Hashimoto
  Morris v. Allen and the Lost History of the Anti-Injunction Act of 1793 [citation]   James E. Pfander & Nassim Nazemi
  British Invasion: Importing the United Kingdom's Orphan Works Solution to United States Copyright Law [citation]   Abigail Bunce
  Doe v. Elmbrook School District and the Importance of Refocusing Establishment Clause Jurisprudence [citation]   Julie M. Karaba
  Who Gets the Jewels when a Law Firm Dissolves? The Unfinished Business Doctrine and Hourly Matters [citation]   Peter W. Rogers
  Mug Shot Disclosure Under FOIA: Does Privacy or Public Interest Prevail? [citation]   Kathryn Shephard
  The Definite Article: The D.C. Circuit's Redefinition of Recess Appointments [citation]   Jeff VanDam
  DOMA's Ghost and Copyright Reversionary Interests [citation]   Brad A. Greenberg