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Northwestern University Law Review : Issues : Volume 101, Issue 2

Volume 101, Issue 2

  Foreword: Symposium on Censorship and Institutional Review Boards   James Lindgren, Dennis D. Murashko & Matthew R. Ford 399-404
  Getting Permission [citation]   Philip Hamburger 405-492
  Institutional Review Boards and the Constitution [citation]   James Weinstein 493-562
  Two-Dimensional Doctrine and Three-Dimensional Law:  A Response to Professor Weinstein [citation]   Philip Hamburger 563-568
  The Dimensions of Constitutional Analysis:  A Reply to Professor Hamburger [citation]   James Weinstein 569-574
  Promoting Free Speech in Clinical Quality Improvement Research [citation]   Elmer D. Abbo 575-592
  Regulating Creativity:  Research and Survival in the IRB Iron Cage [citation]   Caroline H. Bledsoe, Bruce Sherin, Adam G. Galinsky, Nathalia M. Headley, Carol A. Heimer, Erik Kjeldgaard, James T. Lindgren, Jon D. Miller, Michael E. Roloff & David H. Uttal 593-642
  Regulatory Paradox:  A Review of Enforcement Letters Issued by the Office for Human Research Protection [citation]   Scott Burris & Jen Welsh 643-686
  Institutional Review Boards, Regulatory Incentives, and Some Modest Proposals for Reform [citation]   Dale Carpenter 687-706
  Protection of Human Subjects:  Is Expansive Regulation Counter-Productive? [citation]   Robert Charrow 707-722
  The Costs and Benefits of a Well-Intended Parasite:  A Witness and Reporter on the IRB Phenomenon [citation]   Fredric L. Coe 723-734
  Defanging IRBs:  Replacing Coercion with Information [citation]   Richard A. Epstein 735-748
  Institutional Review Boards:  Is This the Least Worst We Can Do? [citation]   David A. Hyman 749-774
  Unconstitutional Conditions, Germaneness, and Institutional Review Boards [citation]   Renée Lettow Lerner 775-790
  Where's the Law?  Uncovering the Truth About IRBs and Censorship [citation]   Jerry Menikoff 791-800
  If Institutional Review Boards Were Declared Unconstitutional, They Would Have to Be Reinvented [citation]   Jonathan Moss 801-808
  Ignorance Is Neither Bliss Nor Ethical [citation]   John H. Mueller 809-836
  Introducing a New Paradigm for Ethical Research in the Social, Behavioral, and Biomedical Sciences:  Part I [citation]   Mary Simmerling, Brian Schwegler, Joan E. Sieber & James Lindgren 837-860
  Institutional Review Boards as Academic Bureaucracies:  An Economic and Experiential Analysis [citation]   Todd J. Zywicki 861-896
  The New Battleground for Public Law 280 Jurisdiction:  Sex Offender Registration in Indian Country [citation]   Timothy J. Droske 897-930
  Accountability and Constitutional Federalism:  Reconsidering Federal Conditional Spending Programs in Light of Democratic Political Theory [citation]   Dennis D. Murashko 931-964
  The Zero-Child Policy:  How the Board of Immigration Appeals Discriminates Against Unmarried Asylum-Seekers Fleeing Coercive Family Planning Measures [citation]   Kyle R. Rabkin 965-996