About the Campaign

The Northwestern Pritzker School of Law Campaign, Motion to Lead, is a comprehensive fundraising initiative that will profoundly shape the Law School’s future. The Campaign will raise $250 million and engage 12,000 alumni to advance our mission of delivering superior legal education for the changing world to the most qualified candidates. Motion to Lead is part of Northwestern University’s $5 billion campaign, We Will.

With your support, the Law School will realize the bold ambitions outlined in the strategic plan:

  1. Enhance our Learning Infrastructure
  2. Educate Students for the Intersection of Law, Business, and Technology
  3. Address the High Costs of Legal Education
  4. Magnify our Impact in Society
  5. Deepen Engagement with our Alumni Community

Significant progress has been made on many fronts already, due to the generosity of the Law School community. Learn more about key initiatives that have already been implemented.

Infographic: 49 countries represented   Infographic: Earliest donor degree year 1940

Infographic: 18 scholarships created