Selected Law Libraries

If you do not see the library you are looking for in the list below, take a look at the World Wide Web Virtual Library page maintained by Indiana University, Bloomington's Law Library (under "Browse the Virtual Library" then "By information source," select "Law schools/libraries"). You may also wish to try WashLaw Web's list of law library catalogs.

ABA Division for Bar Services' Bar CatCatalogHomepage
Boston University Law LibraryCatalogHomepage
University of California, Berkeley (Garret W. McEnerney Law Library)CatalogHomepage
University of California, Los Angeles (Hugh and Hazel Darling Law Library)CatalogHomepage
Case Western Reserve University Law LibraryCatalogHomepage
Columbia University (Arthur W. Diamond Law Library)CatalogHomepage
Cornell University Law LibraryCatalogHomepage
Duke University Law LibraryCatalogHomepage
Emory University (MacMillan Law Library)CatalogHomepage
George Washington University (Jacob Burns Law Library)CatalogHomepage
Georgetown University (Edward Bennett Williams Law Library)CatalogHomepage
Harvard Law School LibraryCatalogHomepage
Indiana University, Bloomington Law LibraryCatalogHomepage
University of Iowa Law LibraryCatalogHomepage
Law Library of CongressCatalogHomepage
University of Michigan Law LibraryCatalogHomepage
University of Minnesota Law LibraryCatalogHomepage
New York University Law LibraryCatalogHomepage
Ohio State University (Michael E. Moritz Law Library)CatalogHomepage
University of Pennsylvania (Biddle Law Library)CatalogHomepage
Saint Louis University Law School Library (Omer Poos Law Library)CatalogHomepage
University of Southern California Law LibraryCatalogHomepage
Stanford University (Robert Crown Law Library)CatalogHomepage
University of Texas (Tarlton Law Library)CatalogHomepage
Tufts University, Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy (Ginn Library)CatalogHomepage
Vanderbilt University (Massey Law Library)CatalogHomepage
University of Virginia (Arthur J. Morris Law Library)CatalogHomepage
University of Washington (Marian Gould Gallagher Law Library)CatalogHomepage
Washington University Law LibraryCatalogHomepage
University of Wisconsin Law LibraryCatalogHomepage
Yale University (Lillian Goldman Law Library)CatalogHomepage
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