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September 2017

Steven G. Calabresi, The Abraham Lincoln Lecture on Constitutional Law, 112 Northwestern University Law Review 61 (2017).

Tonja Jacobi & Kyle Rozema, Judicial Conflicts and Voting Agreement: Evidence from Interruptions at Oral Argument, SSRN (working paper 2017).

Steven Lubet, “Why Neo-Confederate Claims about Black Slaveholders Are So Misleading,” Tropics of Meta (Sept. 7, 2017).

Stephen B. Presser, “Is Pelosi-Schumer-Trump Pact Betrayal or Brilliance?,” NewsMax (Sept. 11, 2017).

Stephen B. Presser, “Remembering Voters Democrats Forgot Brought Trump Victory,” NewsMax (Sept. 19, 2017).

Stephen B. Presser, “Trump and Justice Moore Get It: Nation Meandering,” NewsMax (Sept. 25, 2017).

David Scheffer, “Book Review,” 111 American Journal of International Law 559 (2017) (reviewing Philippe Sands, East West Street: On the Origins of “Genocide” and “Crimes Against Humanity” (2016)).

David L. Schwartz, Christopher Anthony Cotropia, & Jay P. Kesan, Heterogeneity among Patent Plaintiffs: An Empirical Analysis of Patent Case Progression, Settlement, and Adjudication, ___ Journal of Empirical Legal Studies ___ (forthcoming), and SSRN (2017).

Daniel F. Spulber & Pere Arque-Castells, The Market for Technology: Harnessing Creative Destruction, SSRN (working paper 2017).

Emerson H. Tiller & Álvaro E. Bustos, Authorial Control of the Supreme Court, Northwestern Law & Econ Research Paper No. 17-12 (2017).

Deborah Tuerkheimer, “Shaken Baby Syndrome Is Not Definitive Proof of Child Abuse,” New Scientist (Sept. 19, 2017).

Doreen Weisenhaus & Simon N.M. Young, Media Law and Policy in the Internet Age (2017).