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June 2019

Shawn Bayern, Are Autonomous Entities Possible?, 114 Northwestern Law Review Online 23 (2019).

Leigh Bienen, “Leigh Bienen Considers Adaptation in Chicago,” Wit Journal (June 5, 2019).

Bernard Black, David Hyman, and Joshua Lerner, Physicians with Multiple Paid Medical Malpractice Claims:  Are They Outliers or Just Unlucky?, ___ International Review of Law and Economics ___ (forthcoming 2019).

Bernard Black, Ali Moghtaderi, Jesse Pines & Mark Zocchi, The Effect of ACA Medicaid Expansion on Hospital Revenue, SSRN (2019).

Robert P. Burns, A Path to Self-Awareness” in Forty-five Years of Law and Literature: Reflections on James Boyd White’s The Legal Imagination and Its Impact on Law and Humanities Scholarship, 13 Law & Humanities 11 (2019).

Alyson Carrel, Legal Intelligence Through Artificial Intelligence Requires Emotional Intelligence: A New Competency Model for the 21st Century Legal Professional, 35 Georgia State University Law Review 1153 (2019).

Emily Kadens, The Dark Side of Reputation, 40 Cardozo Law Review 1995 (2019)

James Lindgren, The Religious Beliefs, Practices, and Experiences of Law Professors, 15 University of St. Thomas Law Journal 342 (2019).

Steven Lubet, “Leon Redbone, Fact Checking, and Ethnography,” Social Science Space (June 10, 2019).

Steven Lubet, “Why Reducing Law School Debt Will Not Increase Public Interest Work,” Academe Blog (June 17, 2019).

Ajay K. Mehrotra, “Life in All Its Fullness”: Cardozo, Fellows, and the Critical Context of Welch v. Helvering, 16 Pittsburgh Tax Review 151 (2019).

Stephen B. Presser, The Admirable Republican Constitutional Heroism of Ronald Rotunda, 22 Chapman Law Review 217 (2019). 

Stephen B. Presser, “End Result for Flag Amendment Will Define Us,” NewsMax (June 17, 2019).

Stephen B. Presser, “Commentary: The Flag Protection Amendment and American Greatness,” Tennessee Star (June 19, 2019).

David Scheffer & Caroline Kaeb, “Bullhorns for Humanity: The Rise of CEOs as Social Activists,” Knowledge@Wharton (June 6, 2019).

Juliet S. Sorensen, contributing ed., From Baksheesh to Bribery: Understanding the Global Fight Against Corruption and Graft (T. Markus Funk & Andrew S. Boutros eds., 2019).

Daniel F. Spulber, Finding Reasonable Royalty Damages: A Contract Approach to Patent Infringement, 2019 University of Illinois Law Review 615.