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July 2017

Ronald J. Allen, The Nature of Juridical Proof: Probability as a Tool in Plausible Reasoning, 21 International Journal of Evidence & Proof 133 (forthcoming 2017), and SSRN.

Karen J. Alter, “The Future of International Law,” in The New Global Agenda (Diana Ayton-Shenker, ed., forthcoming 2018), iCourts Working Paper Series No. 101, Northwestern Public Law Research Paper No. 17-18, and SSRN.

Bernard S. Black, Mohammad Hossain Rahmati, David A. Hyman, Jing Liu, & Charles Silver, Screening Plaintiffs and Selecting Defendants in Medical Malpractice Litigation: Evidence from Illinois and Indiana, Northwestern Law & Econ Research Paper No. 13-30, Illinois Program in Law, Behavior and Social Science Paper No. LBSS 14-13, U of Texas Law, Law and Econ Research Paper No. 535 (SSRN 2017).

Steven G. Calabresi, “Opinion: Trump, There Is No Better AG Than Jeff Sessions — Don't Lose Him,” The Hill (Jul. 27, 2017).

Alison R. Flaum, “Transfer of Jurisdiction,” in Juvenile Law: Predelinquency and Delinquency (Ill. Inst. Cont. Legal Educ. 2017).

Ezra Friedman, Tom Baker, & Kyle D. Logue, The Forfeiture of Coverage Defenses Rule:  An Economic Analysis, Northwestern Law & Econ Research Paper No. 17-10, U of Penn, Inst for Law & Econ Research Paper No. 17-32, U of Michigan Law & Econ Research Paper No. 17-013 (SSRN 2017).

Jonathan J. Koehler, Intuitive Error Rate Estimates for the Forensic Sciences, 57 Jurimetrics Journal 153 (2017), and SSRN.

Jonathan J. Koehler, Forensics or Fauxrensics? Ascertaining Accuracy in the Forensic Sciences, ___ Arizona State Law Journal ___ (forthcoming 2017), and SSRN.

Jonathan J. Koehler & John B. Meixner, “Jury Simulation Goals,” in The Psychology of Juries 161 (Margaret Bull Kovera, ed., 2017), and SSRN.

Jonathan J. Koehler, et al., Forensic Bitemark Identification: Weak Foundations, Exaggerated Claims, 3 Journal of Law & the Biosciences 538 (2016).

Jonathan J. Koehler & John B. Meixner, “Decision Making and the Law: Truth Barriers,” in The Wiley-Blackwell Handbook of Judgment and Decision Making 749 (Gideon Keren & George Wu, eds., 2015), and SSRN.

Johnathan J. Koehler, “Communicating Probabilistic Forensic Evidence in Court,” in A Guide to Forensic DNA Profiling 470 (Allan Jamieson & Scott Bader, eds., 2016), and SSRN.

Eugene Kontorovich, “Canada Corrects Its 'Made in Israel' Policy. Now It Is Time for the U.S. to Do the Same,” Washington Post (Jul. 17, 2017).

Andrew M. Koppelman, “Why the Trump Administration Will Lose Its Case Against Gay Rights,” Fortune (Jul. 29, 2017).

Steven Lubet, “Commentary: Steven Salaita's Exile from Academia: 'I Refuse to Tolerate the Indignities of a Blacklist',” Chicago Tribune (Jul. 27, 2017).

Steven Lubet, Law Review vs. Peer Review: A Qualified Defense of Student Editors, 2017 University of Illinois Law Review Online 1 (Jul. 26, 2017).

John O. McGinnis, “The Expressive Society and Masterpiece Cakeshop,” The Library of Law & Liberty (Jul. 17, 2017).

John O. McGinnis & Mike Rappaport, “Originalist Scholarship Relying on the Language of the Law–Part I,” The Library of Law & Liberty (Jul. 31, 2017).

John O. McGinnis & Mike Rappaport, “Originalist Scholarship Relying on the Language of the Law–Part II,” The Library of Law & Liberty (Aug. 3, 2017).

John O. McGinnis, “The Indispensability of Judicial Dissent,” The Library of Law & Liberty (Aug. 6, 2017).

Laura G. Pedraza-Fariña, Spill Your (Trade) Secrets: Knowledge Networks as Innovation Drivers, 92 Notre Dame Law Review 1561 (2017), and SSRN.

Stephen B. Presser, “Trump's Warsaw Speech and the Flower Children,” Newsmax (Jul. 12, 2017).

Stephen B. Presser, “Charging Treason and Ruining a Republic,” Washington Times (Jul. 16, 2017).

Stephen B. Presser, “Trump Won By Running on Nation’s Founding Principles,” Newsmax (Jul. 21, 2017).

Stephen B. Presser, “Huckabee Reconsiders 17th Amendment and Trump Should Too,” Newsmax (Aug. 2, 2017).

Stephen B. Presser, “Media Politicized Boy Scout Jamboree, Not Trump,” Newsmax (Aug. 9, 2017).

Daniel B. Rodriguez, “Changing Law Schools,” LinkedIn (Jul. 7, 2017).

Daniel B. Rodriguez, “Commentary: Trump’s Affirmative Action Attack Could Halt Educational Experimentation,” Chicago Tribune (Aug. 8, 2017).

David Scheffer, Clint Williamson, & Stephen Rapp, “The State Department's Retreat in the Fight Against Genocide,” The Hill (Jul. 19, 2017).

David L. Schwartz, Matthew L. Spitzer, Elizabeth Hoffman, & Eric L. Talley, Patently Risky: Framing, Innovation and Entrepreneurial Preferences, SSRN (2017).

David L. Schwartz, Edward S. Lee, & Mark McKenna, The Law of Design: Design Patent, Trademark, & Copyright - Problems, Cases, and Materials (West Academic 2017).

David M. Shapiro, “How the First Amendment Could Save Don Jr.,” The Hill (Aug. 3, 2017).

David M. Shapiro, “Is Michelle Carter’s Punishment for Death-by-Text a Slap on the Wrist or Cruel and Unusual?,” The Hill (Aug. 4, 2017).

David M. Shapiro, The Cutting Edge of Prison Litigation, 2017 UCLA Criminal Justice Law Review 95.

Juliet S. Sorensen, “In the Name of Efficiency, a Loss to Rule of Law and Accountability,” Huffington Post (Jul. 21, 2017).

Juliet S. Sorensen & Anna Maitland, “It Is Incumbent on the US to Remember the Last Remaining Yukos Employee in Prison,” The Hill (Jul. 31, 2017).

Juliet S. Sorensen, “Why Robert Mueller’s Grand Jury Isn’t Really a Big Deal,” Fortune (Aug. 4, 2017).

Juliet S. Sorensen & David Hoffman, Public Corruption and the Law: Cases and Materials (West Academic 2017).

James B. Speta, Southwest Airlines, MCI, and Now Uber:  Lessons for Managing Competitive Entry Into Taxi Markets, 43 Transportation Law Journal 101 (2016).