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December 2018

Sheila Bedi, “Gov. Haslam Needs to Do the Right Thing and Grant Cyntoia Brown Clemency,” The Hill (Dec. 12, 2018).

Herbert N. Beller, Section 355 Revisited: Time for a Major Overhaul?, 72 Tax Lawyer 131 (2018).

Bernard Black & Zenon Zabinski, The Deterrent Effect of Tort Law:  Evidence from Medical Malpractice Reform, Northwestern Law & Econ Research Paper No. 13-09 (2018).

Bernard Black & Vladimir Atanasov, The Trouble with Instruments: The Need for Pre-Treatment Balance in Shock-IV Designs, ECGI - Finance Working Paper, Northwestern Law & Econ Research Paper No. 16-01, Northwestern Public Law Research Paper No. 15-26 (2018).

Bernard Black, Antonio Gledson de Carvalho, Vikramaditya Khanna, Woochan Kim & Burcin Yurtoglu, Which Aspects of Corporate Governance Do and Do Not Matter in Emerging Markets, Northwestern Law & Econ Research Paper No. 14-22, European Corporate Governance Institute (ECGI) - Finance Working Paper No. 566/2018, U of Michigan Law & Econ Research Paper (2018).

Erin Delaney, “The Challenge of Integrating Theory and Practice,” Judicial Power Project (Dec. 13, 2018) (symposium on Paul Yowell, Constitutional Rights and Constitutional Design (2018)).

Shari Seidman Diamond & Mary Rose, The Contemporary American Jury, 14 Annual Review of Law & Social Science 239 (2018).

Dana Hill, “Not So Fast: Chicago Needs Limits on Your Ride-Sharing,” Crain’s Chicago Business (Dec. 12, 2018).

Dana Hill, “We Don’t All Have to Be Ruth Bader Ginsburg,” Rewire.News (Dec. 24, 2018).

Andrew Koppelman, The Joys of Mutual Contempt, in Religious Freedom, LGBT Rights, and the Prospects for Common Ground 111 (William Eskridge, Jr. & Robin Fretwell Wilson eds., 2018).

Matthew B. Kugler, Current Developments in Immigration Law: The Debate Surrounding “Birth Tourism”, 32 Georgetown Immigration Law Journal 321 (2018).

Pierre Legrand, Como ler o direito estrangeiro, (Daniel W. Hachem trans. 2018).

Pierre Legrand, Jameses at Play: A Tractation on the Comparison of Laws, 65 American Journal of Comparative Law 1 (2017).

John O. McGinnis, The Sharing Economy as an Equalizing Economy, 94 Notre Dame Law Review 329 (2018).

James E. Pfander, Dicey’s Nightmare: An Essay on the Rule of Law, 107 California Law Review __ (2019).

James E. Pfander, Standing, Litigable Interests, and Article III’s Case-or-Controversy Requirement, 65 UCLA Law Review 170 (2018).

David Scheffer, What Are the Key Obstacles That Undermine the Implementation of the Principles Arising From the 2007 Nuremberg Declaration on Peace and Justice?, in Conference Report, Nuremberg Forum 2017: 10 Years After the Nuremberg Declaration on Peace and Justice, “The Fight Against Impunity at a Crossroad” 20 (2018).

David J. Scheffer, “The Rising Challenge of Funding Victims’ Needs at the International Criminal Court,” Just Security (Dec. 3, 2018).

Deborah Tuerkheimer, Unofficial Reporting in the #MeToo Era, ___ University of Chicago Legal Forum ___ (2019).