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August 2018

Karen J. Alter, Jean Clipperton, Emily Schraudenbach & Laura Rozier, Gender and Status in American Political Science: Who Determines Whether a Scholar Is Noteworthy?, Northwestern Public Law Research Paper No. 18-21 (2018).

Bernard Black, Antonio Gledson de Carvalho, Woochan Kim & Burcin Yurtoglu, The Value of Country-Specific versus Commercial Indices in Emerging Markets, SSRN (2018).

Steven G. Calabresi, The Global Rise of Judicial Review Since 1945, Northwestern Public Law Research Paper No. 18-20 (2018).

Steven G. Calabresi, “Neither Kavanaugh nor Constitutional Originalism Are Scary,” The Hill (Aug. 21, 2018).

Steven G. Calabresi, “If Trump Did Anything ‘Illegal,’ So Too Did Several of His Predecessors,” The Hill (Aug. 27, 2018).

Brian Citro, Measuring Structural Stigma - Human Rights and Legal Discrimination, in TB Stigma - Measurement Guidance 106 (2018).

Erin F. Delaney, Brexit Optimism and British Constitutional Renewal, in Constitutional Democracy in Crisis? (Mark Graber, Sanford Levinson & Mark Tushnet eds. 2018).

Michelle Falkoff, “On Literary Grifters and Predators,” Los Angeles Review of Books Blog (Aug. 25, 2018).

Tonja Jacobi & Matthew Sag, SCOTUS OA: Forecasts and Review of U.S. Supreme Court Oral Argument (2018).

Joshua Seth Kleinfeld, Equitable Interpretation of Criminal Statutes, 85 University of Chicago Law Review ___ (forthcoming 2018).

Andrew Koppelman, Tebbe and Reflective Equilibrium, 31 Journal of Civil Rights & Economic Development 125 (2018).

Daniel W. Linna, Jr., Measuring Innovation to Drive Change and Improve Legal-Services Delivery and Access for Everyone, in Legal Tech: The Digitization of the Legal Market (Markus Hartung, Micha-Manuel Bues & Gernot Halbleib eds. 2018).

Steven Lubet & Robert B. Clarke, “An Encouraging Story About Falsehood,” American Prospect (Aug. 20, 2018).

Bruce Alan Markell, Infinite Jest: The Otiose Quest for Completeness in Validating Insolvency Judgments, 93 Chicago-Kent Law Review 751 (forthcoming 2018).

John O. McGinnis, The Sharing Economy as an Equalizing Economy, Northwestern Law & Econ Research Paper No. 18-16, Northwestern Public Law Research Paper No. 18-19 (2018).

John O. McGinnis, “Law Professor: Progressives Are Regulating Away the Equality-Boosting Benefits of Uber, Airbnb and Google,” Time (Aug. 10, 2018).

Uzoamaka Emeka Nzelibe, “Commentary: How the White House Is Rewriting the Law to Curb Asylum Seekers,” Reuters (Aug. 9, 2018).

Laura Pedraza-Fariña, Rod Passman, Ann Marie Wahls, Hari Santhanam & Valerie Eaton, 13th Annual Northwestern Journal of Technology and Intellectual Property Symposium Panel Discussion: Medical Technology, 16 Northwestern Journal of Technology & Intellectual Property 1 (2018).

David L. Schwartz, Anne Layne-Farrar & Jay P. Kesan, Understanding Patent “Privateering”: A Quantitative Assessment, ___ Journal of Empirical Legal Studies ___ (forthcoming 2018).

David M. Shapiro & Charles Hogle, The Horror Chamber: Unqualified Impunity in Prison, 93 Notre Dame Law Review 2021 (2018).

James B. Speta, “Why Chicago Shouldn’t Throttle Uber and Lyft,” Crain’s Chicago Business (Aug. 21, 2018).