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April 2019

Bernard S. Black, Jesse Pines, Rahul Ladhania, Christopher Corbit, Jestin Carlson & Arvind Venkat, Changes in Reimbursement to Emergency Physicians After Medicaid Expansion Under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, 73 Annals of Emergency Medicine 213 (2019).

Bernard S. Black, Alex Hollingsworth, Leticia Nunes & Kosali Simon, The Effect of Health Insurance on Mortality:  Statistical Power What We Can Learn from the Affordable Care Act Coverage Expansions, SSRN (2019).

Bernard S. Black, J. Matthew Austin & Peter J. Pronovost, A Standard-Setting Body for US Health Care Quality Measurement, 33 American Journal of Medical Quality 434 (2018).

Steven G. Calabresi, Originalism and James Bradley Thayer, 113 Northwestern University Law Review 1419 (2019).

Dana Hill, “Dating After 40? The Millions Who Are Should Get the HPV Vaccine,” NBC News (Apr. 16, 2019).

Matthew B. Kugler & Thomas Rousse, The Privacy Hierarchy: Trade Secret and Fourth Amendment Expectations, 104 Iowa Law Review 1223 (2019).

John O. McGinnis, Protecting the Originalist Constitution, 42 Harvard Journal of Law & Public Policy 81 (2019).

John O. McGinnis & Michael B. Rappaport, Unifying Original Intent and Original Public Meaning, 113 Northwestern University Law Review 1371 (2019).

Janice Nadler, Hannah Phalen & Jessica M. Salerno, Emotional Evidence in Court, in Research Handbook on Law and Emotion (Susan Bandes, et al. eds.), Northwestern Law & Econ Research Paper No. 19-02; Northwestern Public Law Research Paper No. 19-09 (forthcoming 2019).

Barry Scott Wimpfheimer, Codes, in 1 The Cultural History of Law in Antiquity 59 (Julen Etxabe ed., 2019).