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July 2019

Bernard Black, David A. Hyman, and Joshua Y. Lerner, Physicians with Multiple Paid Medical Malpractice Claims: Are They Outliers or Just Unlucky?, 58 International Review of Law & Economics 146 (2019).

Steven G. Calabresi & Todd W. Shaw, The Jurisprudence of Justice Samuel Alito, 87 George Washington Law Review 507 (2019).

Alyson Carrel & Noam Ebner, Mind the Gap: Bringing Technology to the Mediation Table, Journal of Dispute Resolution, No. 2, at 1.

Alyson Carrel & Noam Ebner, “Digital Toolbox Pedagogy: Teaching Students to Utilize Technology in Mediation,” ACResoultion (July 2019).

Emily Kadens, The Dark Side of Reputation, 40 Cardozo Law Review 1995 (2019).

Yoon-Ho Alex Lee, Incorporating Stock Market Reactions into SEC Rulemaking, 54 Wake Forest Law Review ___ (forthcoming 2019).

Steven Lubet, “It’s Time to End Life Tenure on the Supreme Court,” The Faculty Lounge (July 9, 2019).

Steven Lubet, “The Protocols of the Euphemisms of Zion,” The Bulwark (July 15, 2019).

John O. McGinnis, The Court, the Fed, and Our Mixed Regime, Northwestern Public Law Research Paper No. 19-15 (2019).

John O. McGinnis, “The Court and the Fed: Our Own Aristocratic Element,” Law & Liberty (July 3, 2019).

John O. McGinnis, “The ‘Independence’ of the Court and the Fed,” Law & Liberty (July 11, 2019).

John O. McGinnis, “Originalism, the U.S. Constitution, and the Continuity of Fusionism,” Law & Liberty (July 15, 2019).

John O. McGinnis, “The Parallel Democratic Dilemmas of the Court and the Fed,” Law & Liberty (July 18, 2019).

John O. McGinnis, “Why Justice Thomas Is Wrong About Precedent,” Law & Liberty (July 25, 2019).

Ajay K. Mehrotra, Book Review: Fraud: An American History from Barnum to Madoff. By Edward J. Balleisen. Princeton: Princeton University Press, 2018, 53 Law & Society Review 920 (2019).

Stephen B. Presser, “Trump Getting Right What Obama Couldn’t,” NewsMax (July 9, 2019).

Stephen B. Presser, “The Time Is Ripe for Genuine Reform,” NewsMax (July 30, 2019).

Martin H. Redish & Lauren Pope, Pragmatic Formalism, Separation of Powers, and the Need to Revisit the Nondelegation Doctrine, Northwestern Law & Econ Research Paper No. 19-05, Northwestern Public Law Research Paper No. 19-13, ___ Loyola University Chicago Law Journal ___ (forthcoming 2019).

Martin H. Redish, Compelled Commercial Speech and the First Amendment, 94 Notre Dame Law Review 1749 (2019).

Daniel B. Rodriguez, State Constitutionalism and the Puzzle of Entrenchment, 33 Notre Dame Journal of Law, Ethics & Public Policy 399 (2019).

Daniel B. Rodriguez, Bias in Regulatory Administration, Northwestern Public Law Research Paper No. 19-14 (2019).

Jeffrey Sheffield, Whose Earnings and Profits? What Dividend? A Discussion Based on the Dr. Pepper - Keurig Transaction, Northwestern Law & Econ Research Paper No. 19-06, ___ Tax Lawyer ___ (forthcoming 2019).

Daniel F. Spulber, Intellectual Contract and Intellectual Law, 23 Journal of Technology Law & Policy 1 (2018).

Deborah Tuerkheimer, “Epstein Case Spotlights Why It’s So Hard to Prosecute Sex Crimes,” CNN.com (July 15, 2019).

Rob Warden & John Seasly, Unrequited Innocence in U.S. Capital Cases: Unintended Consequences of the Fourth Kind, 14 Northwestern Journal of Law & Social Policy 375 (2019).