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MSL: Where STEM, Law, and Business Converge

Master of Science in Law (MSL) Program Diagram: Intersection of Law, Technology and Business

Today’s complex business environment requires an ever-expanding set of professional capabilities, with legal skills becoming increasingly important for people with technical backgrounds. Science, engineering, and medicine are key drivers of the United States and world economies, and leaders in these fields interact with law and legal professionals on a regular basis – as they move products through the development life cycle, address compliance requirements, advance policy initiatives, and maximize ownership of intellectual property.

Northwestern Pritzker School of Law has established the Master of Science in Law (MSL) degree to address the complex intellectual property, legal, and regulatory environment facing technology professionals and entrepreneurs. The degree is designed to provide focused, practical, business-centered legal training to STEM professionals. Skills acquired in this program allow professionals to communicate and interact across disciplines and professions, to recognize obstacles and risks, and to visualize opportunities for innovation and entrepreneurship.

The MSL Program

The MSL curriculum covers a variety of legal, regulatory, and policy topics in three main subject areas: intellectual property and patent design; business law and entrepreneurship; and regulatory analysis and strategy. The courses are designed specifically for MSL students, and students have the flexibility to design course plans that fit their particular interests and professional goals. Many students mix and match classes from the three areas of study, while some focus on one particular area. Under both approaches, the MSL curriculum provides its graduates with a strong, relevant knowledge base and an enhanced professional skill set in law and business.

The MSL can be completed in nine months of full-time study or up to four years of part-time study.

MSL classes are taught by a combination of residential Northwestern Law faculty and highly qualified adjunct instructors. The residential faculty are distinguished scholars and researchers, while the adjunct instructors are leaders in their respective fields who bring a wealth of real-world professional experience into the classroom.

Northwestern University is home to world-class law, business, medical, and engineering schools and has a long tradition of interdisciplinary excellence. The Law School is located on the Chicago campus, in downtown Chicago's beautiful Streeterville neighborhood.

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