Staff and Contacts


Leslie Oster, Director

Leslie Oster plans the MSL curriculum and works with the faculty, staff, and administration. She even finds the time to teach a course in the program every so often. Fun fact: Leslie is the caretaker of the MSL Program mascot, Rico Suave.

Shilpa Gokhale, Director of Program Development

Shilpa works on a number of aspects related to the program, including student services, marketing, recruitment, and administrative and operations-related issues. With respect to students, she focuses on curriculum advising, helping students devise a strategy for their time in the program, and works with students to help navigate academic, professional and personal issues. Fun fact: Shilpa is a huge fan of s'mores, bubble tea, and basketball.

Evan Goldberg, Director of External Outreach

Evan works on external partnerships and relationships for the program. He helps create career development opportunities for program graduates and establishes relationships and collaborations with industry, academia, and government. Fun fact: Evan is a runner and is always in search of his next meal—his favorite being ice cream.

Ashlee Hardgrave, Admissions Manager

Ashlee Hardgrave is the Admissions Manager. Ashlee works to advise prospective students, evaluate applications, and welcome students into the MSL program.
Fun fact: Ashlee is a classically trained musician, works as an opera singer, and runs a classical music company in Chicago.

Mara Jacobucci, Senior Program Coordinator

Mara coordinates a number of areas of the program, from operations to student services. With respect to students, she works primarily on student communications, event coordination, alumni engagement and social media management. She is a great resource if you want to know about upcoming events at the Law School. Fun fact: Mara is an avid rock climber and trained as a classical ballerina.

Alyssa Dyar, Senior Learning Engineer

Alyssa is responsible for providing curriculum design and course development services for the MSL online program. Fun fact: Alyssa loves to cook and eat and spends much of her free time exploring Chicago’s amazing food scene.

Jeremy Adler, Project Coordinator

Jeremy works on program logistics and community engagement for the MSL online program. Fun fact: Jeremy likes to bike throughout the winter.

Amear Alhadidi, Program Assistant

Amear provides administrative and operational support for students, faculty, and staff. Fun fact: Amear was born in Chicago but grew up in North Las Vegas. He graduated from University of Nevada, Las Vegas, located 1.6 miles east of the Las Vegas Strip.



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