Staff and Contacts


Leslie Oster

Leslie Oster is the director of the Master of Science in Law, overseeing all aspects of the program. She has worked on a variety of Law-STEM initiatives and is devoted to promoting the interconnectedness of law, business, and technology. She is also responsible for caretaking the MSL Program’s official mascot, Rico Suave. After working with JD programs and students for most of her academic career, Leslie is enjoying the opportunity to work with a new group of law students, and she is learning a lot in the process.

Her advice for students is: Make the most of your time at the Law School. Throw yourselves into classes – learn and experience as much as you can academically. Immerse yourselves in the Law School community, participate in a variety of extracurricular activities, and get to know students in every program.

Shilpa Gokhale

Shilpa Gokhale is the director of program development of the MSL Program and assists with the management of the program.

Her advice to students is: Take advantage of all the opportunities that the law school provides. You have the chance to take interesting classes, engage with fellow students, and be a part of the law school community – embrace your time here!

Mara Jacobucci

Mara Jacobucci is the MSL program assistant and provides administrative support for students, faculty, and staff.

Her advice to students is: Embrace the countless resources that the MSL Program has to offer. You will have access to the distinguished faculty of the Law School, as well as highly experienced professionals who are leaders in their fields. Do not limit yourself to merely meeting academic expectations; go above and beyond by embracing the wealth of knowledge of your faculty, staff, and fellow students in and out of the classroom.


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