What We Do

At the Children and Family Justice Center, youth matter. We provide access to justice for youth threatened by the juvenile justice system or already within its grip. Our diverse programs and projects directly represent youth, lobby for the reform of laws that govern them, and educate them beyond the classroom.

Represent and Reform

  • Attorneys and students provide representation for youth in delinquency cases.
  • CFJC represents youth with the Illinois Coalition for the Fair Sentencing of Children to battle juvenile life without parole (JLWOP).
  • Cook County's diverse landscape brings youth and families battling with citizenship to CFJC's doors. The Seigle Clinic for Immigrant Youth and Families tackles immigration cases with people seeking aid from around the globe.
  • CFJC also aids youth's progress after entering the system. CFJC represents youth trying to terminate their requirement to register as a juvenile sex offender for life, often scarring their ability to rehabilitate and move forward.