Student Opportunities

"We get to do an incredible amount of substantive work in this clinic. I have drafted everything you can imagine in the discovery process, responses, interrogatories. I've prepared for depositions, drafted briefs, motions. As students, we get a piece of the entire civil litigation process. To feel like we have some part in the vindication of wrongs has been so fulfilling for me. And, professors in this clinic really want to pass their skills on to us; they give us the basics and send us off to work collaboratively. They are genuinely invested practitioners who also want to teach students. I feel like I am already empowered, going into my life as a professional."
–- David Maas

Students who participate in the MacArthur Justice Center enjoy valuable doctrinal courses combined with real practice working on high-profile cases. For many, working with civil rights advocates who are their heroes is an unparalleled experience. "When lawyers like Joe Margulies and Locke Bowman take time out of their day to teach you the fundamentals of what they do, it is a wonderful experience," says David Maas.

As they spend time working on cases, students learn about a piece of the world they may not have experienced before. In addition to gaining practical, real-world skills that prepare them well for careers in law, they also have the opportunity to correct injustices; to effectuate real change.


Civil Rights Litigation Clinic