Clinic Opportunities

What do Northwestern Pritzker School of Law students say about their Bluhm Legal Clinic experience? "It was the capstone experience to my law school education." "The chance to provide an important public service." "Nothing is more rewarding." "I'll always value the relationships I have built with professors, fellow students, and my clients." "The opportunity to help real clients with real issues." "Going forward, I will use these experiences to help better society." "The chance to gain practical skills before leaving law school."

Together with clinical faculty and staff, Legal Clinic students challenge the fairness of our legal institutions and drive solutions for reform. Nationally recognized for the work of its centers, the Clinic provides students with unparalleled opportunity to gain real-world training and experience from the best educators and some of the most respected legal minds of our time. Bluhm participants leave law school better prepared than their peers, with skills many lawyers will attain only after years in practice.

Whether advocating on urgent environmental issues or working to overturn wrongful convictions, whether working with clients who are budding entrepreneurs or children lost in the legal system, Legal Clinic students personally investigate cases, conduct research, participate in hearings, engage in discovery, take depositions, and work side-by-side with clients and mentors. They negotiate, communicate, solve problems, examine witnesses, present evidence, and argue cases. They bolster their own future careers, to be sure, but more important, their work makes a difference in the world, and in many instances, dramatically transforms the lives of the clients they serve.

Read about opportunities available in each of our Centers: