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Whether practicing transactional, criminal law, or litigation, much of a lawyer's time is spent negotiating with other lawyers, clients, or colleagues, and most cases are ultimately resolved through settlement and, increasingly, mediation. The Center on Negotiation and Mediation, one of Northwestern Pritzker School of Law's Bluhm Clinic offerings, provides students with theoretical and practical experience in negotiation and mediation through a series of courses and workshops. More...

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ODR, Courts, and Lawyers
October 23, 2019 • 12pm-1pm

Behind the scenes in every courthouse in the United States today, justice system professionals are grappling with the same set of basic questions: how to get by on fewer resources, how to cope with the access to justice crisis, and how to provide better justice outcomes. Realizing technology’s potential to streamline processes, increase access, and reduce costs, courts across the US have been designing and piloting online dispute resolution (ODR) systems. We are approaching a tipping point, at which court ODR will become the default justice process parties experience in the court system.
In this talk, Noam Ebner will explain the evolution and ramifications of this quiet revolution:
  • What is the anticipated impact of court ODR on access to justice - and how will it impact the very substance and experience of justice?
  • What are the implications of this wave of change for the legal profession? What about other dispute resolution professions?
  • Why have we - the legal as well as the general public - not heard more about this?
A professor of negotiation and conflict resolution at Creighton University’s Graduate School, Prof. Ebner has conducted research on Online Dispute Resolution for the past fifteen years. As ODR enters the court system, he has been involved in efforts to design methods for assessing its impacts on justice in the US and the UK court systems. His recent writing explores the impacts of technology and other forces of change on the processes of negotiation, mediation, and litigation, as well as on the professions and professionals involved in these processes.