Faculty and Staff

Thomas Geraghty, Director, Bluhm Legal Clinic 
Steven Drizin, Associate Dean, Bluhm Legal Clinic 

Clinic Faculty

Clinic Staff

Shericka Pringle, Executive Director - springle@law.northwestern.edu
Dolores Angeles, Legal Assistant - d-angeles@law.northwestern.edu
Nancy Flowers, Administrative Coordinator Negotiation and Mediation Program, n-flowers@law.northwestern.edu
George Geiger, Office Assistant - g-geiger@law.northwestern.edu
Adolfo Gomez, CFJC Assistant Coordinator - adolfo-gomez@law.northwestern.edu
Eraena Hart, Administraive Coordinator MacArthur Justice Center - eraena-hart@law.northwestern.edu
Dolores Kennedy, CWC Program Assistant - d-kennedy@law.northwestern.edu
Brittany Leach, Financial Administrator - brittany.leach@law.northwestern.edu
Jennifer Linzer, CWC Assistant Director - j-linzer@law.northwestern.edu
Ann Miller, Program Coordinator Bartlit Center for Trial Advocacy - ann-nelson@law.northwestern.edu
Marjorie Moss, Social Work Supervisor/Attorney - m-moss@law.northwestern.edu
Erika Nunez, Department Assistant - e-nunez@law.northwestern.edu
Alan Paberzs, Director of Development - a-paberzs@law.northwestern.edu
Mayra Ruiz, Legal Assistant - m-ruiz@law.northwestern.edu
Eben Saling, Legal Assistant - eben.saling@law.northwestern.edu
Armando Santana, Operations Manager - a-santana@law.northwestern.edu
Sage Smith, CWC Program Assistant - s-smith@law.northwestern.edu
Sara Sommervold, Intake Attorney - sara.sommervold@law.northwestern.edu
Rob Warden, CWC Executive Director - r-warden@law.northwestern.edu