Faculty and Staff

Thomas Geraghty, Director, Bluhm Legal Clinic 
Steven Drizin, Associate Dean, Bluhm Legal Clinic 

Clinic Faculty

Clinic Staff

Shericka Pringle, Executive Director - springle@law.northwestern.edu
Dolores Angeles, Legal Assistant - d-angeles@law.northwestern.edu
Sara Buffett, Program Assistant, Center on Negotiation and Mediation - sara.buffett@law.northwestern.edu
Kerri Gravlin, Financial Manager - k-gravlin@law.northwestern.edu
Sonya Harrington, Business Administrator - s-grier@law.northwestern.edu
Eraena Hart, Administraive Coordinator, MacArthur Justice Center - eraena-hart@law.northwestern.edu
Barbara Honeysucker, Legal Assistant, Center on Wrongful Convictions and Center for Criminal Defense - barbara.honeysucker1@law.northwestern.edu
Melissa Montemayor, Program Coordinator, Bartlit Center for Trial Advocacy - melissa.montemayor@law.northwestern.edu
Eliezer Montes, Docket Clerk - e-montes@law.northwestern.edu
Erika Nunez, Department Assistant - e-nunez@law.northwestern.edu
Mayra Ruiz, Financial Assistant - m-ruiz@law.northwestern.edu
Eben Saling, Legal Assistant, Center for International Human Rights - eben.saling@law.northwestern.edu
Julia Sheppard, Administative Assistant - julia.sheppard@law.northwestern.edu
Marissa Spalding, Legal Assistant, MacArthur Justice Center - marissa.spalding@law.northwestern.edu
Angie Starks, Legal Assistant, Donald Pritzker Entrepreneurship Law Center - angelia.starks1@law.northwestern.edu
Nikki Torres, Legal Assistant MacArthur Justice Center - anissa.torres1@northwestern.edu