Removal from Juvenile Sex Offender Registry

CFJC's attorneys have represented dozens of youth seeking to terminate their requirement to register as a juvenile sex offender. In addition to direct representation, CFJC has developed a comprehensive manual and sample pleadings to assist other pro bono advocates. 

Research has shown repeatedly that youth who sexually offend are very unlikely to become adult sexual offenders. However, those youth in Illinois are subject to life time registration, complex requirements, including restrictions on where they can live and what kind of job they can hold. Opportunities to be removed from the sex offender registry are limited and require legal representation and judicial action. CFJC attorneys and students prepare cases for youth qualified to leave the registry and represent them in court. 

CFJC also provided valuable research assistance to the Illinois Juvenile Justice Commission’s preparation of a report to the General Assembly. “Improving Illinois’ Response to Sexual Offenses Committed by Youth” recommended Illinois “remove young people from the state’s counter-productive sex offender registry and categorical application of restrictions and ‘collateral consequences.’”