Negotiation Workshop


"The Negotiation Workshop was the most practical course I have taken in law school because it focused on real-world interactions and client satisfaction. The class taught us fundamental negotiation theory and techniques, while giving us ample opportunity to practice and apply them with our classmates in a compelling and thought-provoking way."

– Daniel Newman




Advanced Negotiation Workshop




"The Advanced Negotiation Workshop which teaches emotional intelligence is a fantastic way to develop a more comprehensive understanding of your negotiating style and the reasons for your own and your counter-parts reactions. The course’s use of mindfulness, improvisation, adventure learning and peer feedback provided unique teaching and learning tools."

– Kevin Chang


Mediation and Advocacy


"The Mediation and Advocacy course is rigorous in that students connect the theoretical foundation with opportunities to mediate real cases and serve as an advocate in a mediation setting."

– Simi Opayemi




Mediation Practicum


Conflict Management In The Legal Practice




"The Conflict Management in Legal Practice course is invaluable in that you participate in mindfulness exercises in class and focus on applying these techniques in negotiations, mediations, and other conflict management situations, both professional and personal."

– Subhan Abdus Baig


Dispute Resolution


International Business Law Negotiation


"International Business Law Negotiation was a unique, innovative opportunity to develop and negotiate a full business plan with students on the other side of the country using Cisco’s state-of-the-art Tele-Presence technology. The class provided me practical experience that I can apply in my career."

– Lindsay Tang




International Business Law & Negotiations


Restorative Justice and Human-Centered Design Project


Restorative Justice Practicum

Rich Restorative Justice Practicum

"I just finished the Restorative Justice Practicum, and it had a profound impact on my life. Restorative Justice calls on our vulnerability and courage to address the human element of conflict. With the understanding that we are imperfect yet worthy human beings, we can begin to move toward a human dialogue about the various issues confronting our communities. In this space of empathy and compassion, we can see and hear each other."

– Rich Bright

Restorative Justice Seminar


Dispute Resolution in Sports


Mental Models in Conflict Resolution