Extracurricular Activities

Negotiation Competition

The ABA Negotiation competition focuses on students’ advocacy skills in the negotiation environment. Each year, the center hosts an intramural competition to select two teams to represent Northwestern at the ABA Negotiation competition. Students run scrimmages and receive feedback from full time faculty over the course of the fall semester and have regularly won at both the regional and national levels.

Mackenzie Drutowski (JD ’16) won the 2016 National Negotiation Competition with her partner Jeffrey Wysong (JD ’16) and recently published a blog post sharing tips and insights on the competition. 

Nationals 2016: 1st place | more

Regionals 2015: 1st place | more

Regionals 2014: 1st place | more



"The time I spent preparing for and competing in the ABA Negotiations Competition was among the most valuable time I have spent in law school. It was a unique opportunity to study a subject in depth, learn from great coaches, work with teams from other schools and receive feedback from seasoned professionals."

– Blake Taelman


Northwestern Circles

"Northwestern Circles" provides the opportunity to come together over lunch as a law school community and use the circle process to connect, discuss important issues, and reflect. It offers time to meet and learn from others outside of the classroom setting. A circle is a restorative practice based on Indigenous traditions that encourages dialogue and relationship building.

Global Conversations

The center partners with the International Programs Office to host “Global Conversations” each semester. JD and LLM students share a meal and participate in small group dialogues about law school, legal, political, cultural, and other issues in a relaxed setting. The center trains student facilitators who lead the event.