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Over the past 20 years, under Lynn Cohn's directorship the Center on Negotiation and Mediation has grown in terms of innovative and cutting edge course offerings giving students a deep understanding of these processes. She believes that the "best lawyers are those who not only understand the law, but also understand people." She is a practicing mediator and brings students with her to sessions, providing them the chance to see problem-solving skills in action and to understand complex interpersonal dynamics. She has trained lawyers, real estate professionals, management and union representatives, and many others in effective negotiation, mediation, conflict management, and arbitration. She also provides restorative justice services in the Chicago community.


Lynn P. Cohn, Co-Director and Clinical Professor of Law, Center on Negotiation and Mediation
Alyson Carrel, Co-Director and Clinical Associate Professor of Law, Center on Negotiation and Mediation
Daniel J. Gandert, Clinical Assistant Professor of Law
Stephen Goldberg, Professor of Law Emeritus
Janice Nadler, Professor of Law
Leonard L. Riskin, Harris H. Agnew Visiting Professor of Dispute Resolution


Kevin Agnew, Adjunct Professor
Paul Chadha, Adjunct Professor
Edward D. Shapiro, Adjunct Professor


Sara Buffett, Program Coordinator | email


Annalise Buth, MR Bauer Fellow in Dispute Resolution | email

Annie ButhAnnie Buth (JD ’07) is the M.R. Bauer Foundation Fellow in Dispute Resolution at the Center on Negotiation and Mediation at Bluhm Legal Clinic. She focuses on the Center’s restorative justice initiatives. This includes designing and teaching restorative justice courses that provide students with the opportunity to experience restorative justice in practice and connect with Chicagoland communities. Students learn about a value-based relational approach to harm that emphasizes healing through collaborative and inclusive processes. In 2016, Annie developed a bi-monthly program for law school students and staff that uses the circle process to address current issues and build community. Additionally, she teaches negotiation, mediates, and collaborates with community organizations. Prior to the fellowship, she litigated cases at Miller Johnson, worked with a non-governmental organization in South Asia fighting human trafficking, researched for the Michigan Court of Appeals, and represented civil legal aid clients at LAF (formerly Legal Assistance Foundation of Metropolitan Chicago).