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Accounting for Decision-Making (Law)

Accounting for Decision-Making This course provides an introduction to the financial reporting environment, incentives of managers issuing financial statements, and analysis and interpretation by users of such disclosures. The course begins by viewing the financial accounting system as a language, and familiarizes students with the structure, usage, conventions, and the grammar of accounting as a business language. We examine how financial statements such as the Income Statement, the Balance Sheet, and the Statement of Cash Flows are inter-related. The course adopts an external user's perspective in analyzing these financial statements. Understanding and analyzing actual annual reports, periodic public filing of financial statements by firms with the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) in forms such as 10-K (annual statements) and 10-Q (quarterly statements), other corporate disclosures, and analysts’ reports constitute an integral part of this course. We will analyze (excerpts from) actual corporate financial statements almost every class, with several examples from nonprofit organizations and non-U.S. corporations to highlight differences in practices and in the reporting of non-financial outcomes. The course highlights the links between accounting information and management planning, decision-making and control, and also examines ethical issues such as earnings management and fraudulent reporting. This class will meet on the Fall Quarter schedule: In Fall 2017, the first meeting will be the week of September 18. Students may drop the class by Friday, September 22, but should know that they will not be able to add another law school class at that time (because regular drop/add will have closed). Prior to beginning the class sessions, students are required to complete an online prep course. JDMBA students are not permitted to take this class at the law school, but must take it in their 2J year at Kellogg. Evaluation: Class participation, financial reporting journal, group case assignments, quizzes, and final exam. Section 1 is designated for JD students only. Section 2 is designated for LLM students only. This class is a prerequisite for Finance I. ACCT-430 and BUSCOM 649K are mutually exclusive. Catalog Number: BUSCOM 649K

Catalog Number: BUSCOM 649

Course History

Fall 2017
Title: Accounting for Decision-Making (Law)
Section: 1     Credits: 2.5
Capacity: 43     Actual: 35

Spring 2017
Title: Accounting for Decision-Making (Law)
Faculty: Chapman, Craig
Section: 1     Credits: 2.0
Capacity: 65     Actual: 39