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Privacy Law and Regulation

Privacy is becoming a more and more important topic for organizations. How can companies legally use personal information? What disclosures do they need to make? Are there restrictions on the type of information that can be collected? Can information be combined? How are “big data” and digital tracking activities regulated? This course will provide a global framework of privacy laws. We will examine laws that impact corporate actors with respect to the collection, combination and sharing of personal information. No pre-requisites. Grading in this practical, hands-on seminar will be based on interactive in-class exercises and a final paper. Readings will be from a treatise being prepared by the professor.

Catalog Number: REGLAW 965-0

Course History

Spring 2017
Title: Privacy Law and Regulation
Faculty: Thomas, Liisa Marie
Section: 1     Credits: 1.0
Capacity: 15     Actual: 6