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Public Persuasion

How is it that innovative ideas become institutionalized as policies? How do organizations clearly communicate their visions, both within their halls and around the world? And how do leaders galvanize and spur others to action, particularly during the most chaotic and anxious times? The answer, in each case, is public persuasion. This course is an intensive workshop in how to develop policy ideas, powerfully articulate them, and secure commitment and action on their behalf. It develops the sensibilities and skills crucial to maximizing personal influence, both in writing and speaking, and particularly in situations where technical knowledge meets multiple stakeholders (including lawyers) and business imperative. It focuses upon: (1) locating key personal convictions, which are crucial to persuading others; (2) employing strategies and techniques for approaching multiple audiences; (3) development of crystal-clear organization of pointed messages; (4) powerful use of language, data, and stories; (5) transformation of technical concepts into impactful ideas; (6) the ability to persuasively employ shared organizational values and experiences; and (7) tangible advice for effective public speaking. This course satisfies the MSL writing requirement. No pre-requisites. Three writing assignments: (a) a private writing, ideation exercise (very short); (b) an organizational persuasive memorandum; and (c) a prepared speech, which will also be delivered in class. Several smaller books and a collection of materials, all of which are direct and accessible reads.

Catalog Number: BUSCOM 982-0

Course History

Spring 2017
Title: Public Persuasion
Faculty: DeSanto, Jason C. (courses | profile)
Section: 1     Credits: 1.5
Capacity: 20     Actual: 11