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Animal Law Seminar

Is there a place for the consideration of the interests of animals in the law? Throughout the semester, we will examine the historical and current status of animals in our legal system. Students will examine a diverse cross-section of law devoted to the controversial moral, ethical, and public policy considerations germane to efforts to balance the interests of animals and those of humans. The course is not an animal rights course. Rather, students will be invited to explore whether the law has a place for animals and, if so, where lines ought to be drawn. The course is graded on regular class attendance, participation, and a research paper. Text: 4th Edition (2010) of ANIMAL LAW Cases and Materials. Wagman, Waisman, Frasch

Catalog Number: CONPUB 664
Practice Areas: Criminal Law Practice AreaFamily Law Practice Area
Additional Course Information: 1 Draft degree req may be met with class

Course History

Spring 2016
Title: Animal Law Seminar
Faculty: Iverson, Lisa A
Section: 1     Credits: 3.0
Capacity: 25     Actual: 24