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Conflict of Laws

With the growth of the interstate and international economy, conflicts of law arise in a wide range of cases. Events and transactions often implicate the regulatory interests of a variety of different jurisdictions, creating uncertainty about what law applies to a particular case. What¿s more, judgments obtained in one jurisdiction may be subject to collateral attack in a second forum. We will explore the many questions that flow from such inter-systemic litigation, including a brief refresher on personal jurisdiction and more detailed treatment of the choice of law process and the recognition and enforcement of judgments. We will extend these lessons, learned initially in the context of the law of the United States, into the international arena. The reading materials in this course will include a required hardcover textbook, as well as supplemental material made available electronically. Evaluation: Grades will be based on a final examination, as well as on classroom attendance and participation and a group presentation project. Teaching Method: Lecture and discussion. (Note: students who took Professor Pfander¿s course, Civil Procedure II, during the Spring 2014 semester should not enroll in this class.)

Catalog Number: CONPUB 603
Practice Areas: Civil Lit. and Dispute ResolutionConstitutional Law & ProcedureInternational Law Practice AreaProcedure Practice Area

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Spring 2015
Title: Conflict of Laws
Faculty: Pfander, James E. (courses | profile)
Section: 1     Credits: 3.0
Capacity: 65     Actual: 32