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International Human Rights Law

The course on international human rights law is an introductory survey course drawn from the casebook by Steiner, Alston, and Goodman entitled, International Human Rights in Context (3rd edition, Oxford University Press, 2008). Students examine human rights concepts, the influence of customary international law, state responsibility, general principles and natural law, the interwar minorities regime, the role of treaties, the Nuremberg trials, the codification of human rights principles in a number of major treaties since World War II, civil and political rights, economic, social, and cultural rights, national security and terrorism in the context of human rights, torture law, universalism and cultural relativism, religious rights, freedom of expression, non-governmental human rights advocacy groups, the United Nations human rights system (including the UN Human Rights Council and the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights), treaty bodies such as the ICCPR Human Rights Committee, the European, Inter-American, and African Convention systems, universal jurisdiction, and U.S. civil litigation and global comparisons. There will be an open-book exam at the end of the course.

Catalog Number: CONPUB 694
Practice Areas: Constitutional Law & ProcedureInternational Law Practice Area

Course History

Fall 2015
Title: International Human Rights Law
Faculty: Scheffer, David J. (courses | profile)
Section: 1     Credits: 3.0
Capacity: 65     Actual: 22

Fall 2014
Title: International Human Rights
Faculty: Scheffer, David J. (courses | profile)
Section: 1     Credits: 3.0
Capacity: 65     Actual: 26

Fall 2013
Title: International Human Rights I
Faculty: Babcock, Sandra L.
Section: 1     Credits: 3.0
Capacity: 65     Actual: 29