Transfer Students

Northwestern Law accepts approximately 30-35 transfer students each year. To be considered for admission as a transfer student you must have earned at least 28 semester credit hours at a school accredited by the American Bar Association and intend to complete your last two years of residence at Northwestern Law.

The amount of credit an accepted applicant will receive at Northwestern for completed first-year work, including summer coursework, will not exceed 28 semester units. Grades below a C or its equivalent will not be accepted for transfer credit.

Transfer students are eligible to participate in all of the activities the Law School offers, including the on-campus interview program, moot court, and the law journals.

Transfer applicants should follow the same application procedure as for regular admission. In addition, you must supply the Office of Admissions and Financial Aid with:

  • a final undergraduate transcript
  • a letter from your current law school attesting to your good standing
  • a complete transcript of your first year's work
  • a copy of your LSDAS report
  • a writing sample from your first year of law school
  • one letter of recommendation, which must be from a law professor whose class you have taken

Transfer applications should be submitted no earlier than June 1 and completed no later than July 1.

Please note that because of the differences in curriculum among law schools, students who are admitted on a transfer basis may not receive full credit for courses taken at the law schools from which they are transferring.

Visiting Students

Students currently enrolled in other Association of American Law School member schools may be admitted to Northwestern as visiting students for a single term or an academic year.

To be considered, you must submit a Visiting Student application, a transcript from the law school in which you are a candidate for a degree, recommendations from two faculty members, and any additional information required by Northwestern Law. Visiting students are not considered candidates for degrees from Northwestern.

The application deadline for entry in the Fall semester is August 1; the deadline for entry in the Spring semester is December 1.

Visiting students are eligible to use resources in the Career Strategy Center. Students may attend workshops and presentations and make use of the career library and the Web site. Visiting students are not eligible to participate in Northwestern’s On-Campus Interview (OCI) program. We encourage visiting students to make use of their law school’s formal recruitment programs and career office for supplemental resources.

Visiting students are also encouraged to get involved in student life at Northwestern and are eligible to join any student organizations. However, visiting students cannot participate on the law journals or moot court.

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