Law School and University Funded Positions

Northwestern Law offers alternative post-graduate options designed for students interested in careers in public service, and for students who require additional assistance securing their first jobs. These programs are designed to help recent graduates gain valuable experience, which is increasingly important in the public sector, while also helping serve underrepresented populations. Most of Northwestern’s Law School- and University-funded positions make it possible for graduates to work at organizations that would not otherwise be able to hire them.

Jay A. Pritzker Fellowship Program

Funded by a gift from the Jay Pritzker Foundation, the Pritzker Fellowship Program provides nine full-time, year-long, benefits paid, post-graduate public interest fellowships each year. Designed to assist students who wish to practice public interest law, recipients, through a competitive application process, are chosen based on positions they have secured that will provide legal services or advocacy to underrepresented clients at a domestic nonprofit agency.  Recipients fully qualify for the Law School’s loan repayment assistance program (LRAP). In 2014-15, Pritzker Fellows received an annual stipend of $50,000 prior to benefits.

Transition to Practice

To assist graduating students who have not yet secured employment, the law school provides funding to work with an employer on a part-time, temporary basis through the Transition to Practice program. Recent graduates hone their legal skills and build a network of attorneys and professionals while pursuing permanent employment. 

Law School and University Jobs Disclosure

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