Early Decision Program

Early Decision Program

Applicants who have thoroughly researched their law school options and who have identified Northwestern Law as their first choice law school may wish to apply through our binding Early Decision program.

Applicants who are admitted through the Early Decision program and who begin the three-year JD program in Fall 2016 will receive a $150,000 merit scholarship, split evenly over the three years of their legal education. The only requirement is to maintain good academic standing and remain enrolled in classes at the Law School.


Northwestern Law's Early Decision program is binding. If admitted through the Early Decision program, you must commit to matriculating at Northwestern Law and submit a nonrefundable $750 seat deposit by the date indicated on your letter of admission. You also must withdraw all of your applications to other schools and refrain from initiating any new applications if and when you are notified of your acceptance through the Early Decision program. You may not be an Early Decision candidate at more than one law school.

Application Timeline

To be considered an Early Decision candidate, your application must be complete by December 1, 2015. Accordingly, in order to make sure your application is complete by the December 1 deadline, it would be in your best interest to submit your application by November 15, 2015 if you are applying through LSAC. The October LSAT administration is the last acceptable score for consideration as an Early Decision candidate. Candidates will be notified of their admissions decision by the end of December or early January. 


An interview is mandatory for all Early Decision candidates. You are encouraged to sign up for your interview or submit your application as soon as possible to ensure that there are appointments available. All admissions interviews are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Early Decision applicants can complete either an on-campus, off-campus or online video interview. The deadline to request an off-campus interview for the Early Decision program is October 25, 2015. The deadline to complete an on-campus interview for the Early Decision program is November 15, 2015. 


You must sign and return the Early Decision Certification (pdf) directly to the Office of Admissions and Financial Aid. Your Early Decision Certification will not be transmitted by the Credential Assembly Service. You can submit the Early Decision Certification to the Office of Admissions and Financial Aid via email as a PDF attachment (admissions@law.northwestern.edu), fax (312-503-0178) or regular USPS mail.