Traditional 3-Year JD Class Profile

Entering Class General Statistics (Traditional 3-yr JD) 2013
Enrolled students 174
Applications 3628
LSAT distribution  
   Middle 50% 161-171
   Median 169
GPA distribution  
   Middle 50% 3.28-3.82
   Median 3.75
Female 45%
Students of color 31%
Average age at matriculation 25
Age range 21-33
Geographic diversity  
   Midwest 35%
   Northeast 19%
   South 17%
   West 23%
   International 6%

These students bring a wealth of experiences and perspectives that surely will enrich our collaborative community. They include accomplished athletes, musicians, artists, actors, engineers, scientists, doctors, computer programmers, financial managers, accountants, teachers, consultants, journalists, entrepreneurs, government policy researchers, political aides, legal assistants and paralegals, committed volunteers, and more.

Includes JD-PhD, JD LLM-IHR, and JD-LLM Tax students. Does not include first-year students who completed a term in a prior year.