Priority Deadlines

January 30

JD-MBA Round 1 Applicants

February 15

Accelerated JD Applicants

March 1

All Other Applicants

May 1

Continuing Law Students

July 1

Transfer Applicants


Apply for Financial Aid

Applicants who submit a complete financial aid application by the priority deadline will be considered for all forms of financial aid. Late filers will still be considered for financial aid, but may not receive scholarships based on the availability of funds. Information disclosed in a financial aid application has no bearing on admissions decisions.

Northwestern Law considers all applicants as independent students. We do not require parental financial information as part of the financial aid application.

2015-16 Financial Aid Application Instructions 

JD Programs

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Accelerated JD Applicants (pdf)  

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Two-Year JD for International Lawyers Applicants (pdf)

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Continuing JD, AJD, and JD-MBA Students (pdf)

LLM Programs

Domestic LLM, LLM-IHR, ALLM, and LLM/K Applicants (pdf)

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MSL Program

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