Internet Search and Innovation

Fifth Annual Conference on Internet Search and Innovation

Thursday, June 5 - Friday, June 6, 2014

This conference is organized by Professor Daniel F. Spulber, Research Director of the Searle Center on Law, Regulation, and Economic Growth and Elinor Hobbs Distinguished Professor of International Business, Professor of Management Strategy, Kellogg School of Management, Professor of Law, Northwestern University School of Law (Courtesy).

The goal of this conference is to provide a forum where economists and legal scholars can gather together with Northwestern's own distinguished faculty to present and discuss high-quality research relevant to Internet search and innovation. The conference will cover academic work on Internet search and innovation, and the discussion will examine related public policy issues in antitrust, regulation, and intellectual property.



Session One- Economics of Internet Search

Spillovers in Networks of User Generated Content – Evidence from 23 Natural Experiments on Wikipedia
Michael E. Kummer, University of Mannheim and Centre for European Economic Research

Market Transparency, Adverse Selection, and Moral Hazard
Tobias J. Klein, Tilburg University
Christian Lambertz, University of Mannheim
Konrad O. Stahl, University of Mannheim

Entry and Welfare in Search Markets
Yongmin Chen, University of Colorado, Boulder
Tianle Zhang, Lingnan University, Hong Kong

Search and Categorization
Chaim Fershtman, Department of Economics, Tel Aviv University
Arthur Fishman, Department of Economics, Bar-Ilan University
Jidong Zhou, Stern School of Business, New York University

Session Two-Internet Market Mechanisms

Usage-Based Pricing and Demand for Residential Broadband
Aviv Nevo, Department of Economics, Northwestern University
John L. Turner, Department of Economics, University of Georgia
Jonathan W. Williams, Department of Economics, University of Georgia

Auction vs. Posted-Price: Market Mechanism, Lender Behaviors, and Transaction Outcomes in Online Crowdfunding
Zaiyan Wei, Department of Economics, University of Arizona
Mingfeng Lin, Department of Management Information Systems, University of Arizona

Marketplace or Reseller?
Andrei Hagiu, Harvard Business School
Julian Wright, Department of Economics, National University of Singapore

The Agency Model and MFN Clauses
Justin P. Johnson, Johnson Graduate School of Management, Cornell University

Session Three-Online Platform Competition

Platform Choice by Mobile Apps Developers
Tim Bresnahan, Stanford University
Joe Orsini, Stanford University
Pai-Ling Yin, Stanford University

Value of a Platform to a Seller: Case of American Airlines and Online Travel Agencies
Volodymyr Bilotkach, Newcastle University
Nicholas Rupp, East Carolina University
Vivek Pai, University of California, Irvine

Homogeneous Platform Competition with Heterogeneous Consumers
Thomas D. Jeitschko, Michigan State University
Mark J. Tremblay, Michigan State University

Session Four-Online Content

Pricing Online Content: Fee or Free?
Anja Lambrecht, London Business School
Kanishka Misra, Ross School of Business, University of Michigan

Quantifying the Impacts of Digital Rights Management and E-Book Pricing on the E-Book Reader Market
Jin-Hyuk Kim, Department of Economics, University of Colorado, Boulder
Tin Cheuk (Tommy) Leung, Department of Economics, Chinese University of Hong Kong

Video Killed the Radio Star? Online Music Videos and Digital Music Sales
Tobias Kretschmer, LMU Munich
Christian Peukert, LMU Munich

Online Music, Sales Displacement, and Internet Search: Evidence from YouTube
Scott Hiller, Department of Economics, Fairfield University
Jin-Hyuk Kim, Department of Economics, University of Colorado, Boulder

Session Five-Internet Search and Social Networks

Social Media and News Consumption
Susan Athey, Stanford University
Markus Mobius, Microsoft Research
Jeno Pal, Central European University

Life Is But an Online Shopping Journey? Exploring the Dynamic Interactions Between Targeted and Paid Search Advertisement Mix
Dan Breznitz, University of Toronto
Vincenzo Palermo, University of Toronto

Good News or Bad News? Information Acquisition and Applicant Screening in Competitive Labor Markets
Liad Wagman, Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University

Do Online Social Networks Increase Welfare?
Manuel Mueller-Frank, IESE Business School
Mallesh M. Pai, Department of Economics, University of Pennsylvania

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