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Northwestern Law's Planet Lex Podcast Series Join Dean Daniel B. Rodriguez for a series of conversations about the law today and its role within the ever-changing global, societal, and technological landscapes.

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Episode 11: How the Government is Handling Online Privacy and Cybersecurity

audio play buttonProfessor James Speta

The speed of technological developments and change is so rapid that the government can’t craft corresponding rules and regulations fast enough. Professor Jim Speta, Senior Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and International Initiatives at Northwetern Law, discusses net neutrality, online privacy, cybersecurity, and how the government is handling these growing issues.

Episode 10: The Supreme Court, Neil Gorsuch, and the Nuclear Option

audio play buttonAttorney Carter Phillips (JD '77)

The Supreme Court has faced a whirlwind of change and controversy over the last year, first with the death of Justice Scalia and then with the election of President Trump and the actions of his Administration. Host Daniel Rodriguez talks to Carter Phillips about the current state of the Supreme Court in 2017. Their discussion includes President Trump’s nomination of Neil Gorsuch, the Democrat Party opposition during this process, and the consequences of the nuclear option, whether it’s used or not. They conclude the episode with a brief discussion of the textbook Phillips co-authored with Northwestern Law faculty, Advanced Appellate Advocacy.

Episode 9: Trump Administration and the Law

audio play buttonProfessors Eugene Kontorovich, Andrew Koppelman, and Deborah Tuerkheimer

Trump's presidency has brought about a lot of change, especially in regard to law. In this episode of Planet Lex, host Daniel Rodriguez interviews Northwestern Law faculty members about recent actions by President Trump and the legal considerations facing this new administration. In their discussion, they cover a wide array of topics, including President Trump’s nomination of Judge Neil Gorsuch, his expansion of executive power, and the potential of the Department of Justice shifting away from certain civil rights issues.

Episode 8: The Future Impact of Technology on the Legal Profession

audio play buttonRichard Susskind

Professor Richard Susskind — an author, speaker, and independent adviser to major professional firms and to national governments  discusses the impact new technologies will have on the legal profession and whether law schools are sufficiently training law students to be the pioneering attorneys of tomorrow.

Episode 7: Law Enforcement and Implicit Bias

audio play buttonProfessor Destiny Peery

The increased media coverage of police shootings has coincided with the growing prominence of conversations about race and law enforcement. In this episode of Planet Lex, host Daniel Rodriguez speaks with Northwestern Pritzker School of Law Assistant Professor of Law Destiny Peery about implicit bias, tensions between the police and the communities they serve, and how perceptions of race impact the legal system.

Episode 6: Technological Advancements and The Law

audio play buttonProfessors John McGinnis and Larry Birnbaum

Professor McGinnis from the Law School and Professor Birnbaum from the McCormick School of Engineering discuss emergent technology and its effects on the law. The guests debate how close we are to the day when computer intelligence surpasses human intelligence and consider the impact of artificial intelligence on the legal profession.

Episode 5: The Regulation of Public Corruption

audio play buttonProfessor Juliet Sorensen

Professor Sorensen defines public corruption as the abuse of public office for private gain and discusses the challenges of working within the various parameters of both civil causes of action and criminal law to regulate said corruption.

Episode 4: Sexual Misconduct on Campus

audio play buttonProfessor Deb Tuerkheimer

The issue of sexual assault on campuses and how to best combat these incidents is a highly debated topic among legal professionals. How should these crimes be handled and what can colleges do to protect their students?

Episode 3: Integrating the Law and STEM Focused Multidisciplinary Education

audio play buttonProfessors Leslie Oster and Emerson Tiller

The increasing societal shift toward a more global marketplace encourages many graduates to seek a multidisciplinary education. How does learning skills from various fields help students in the workplace and what value can legal knowledge add?

Episode 2: The Evolution of Copyright in Music

audio play buttonProfessor Peter DiCola

New technology has greatly lowered the barrier of entry into the music industry for new artists looking to release recordings and distribute their music broadly. How have these emergent technologies affected copyright law and, subsequently, the salaries of working musicians?

Episode 1: Defending Brendan Dassey of "Making a Murderer"

play buttonProfessors Steven Drizin and Laura Nirider

Many people have become familiar with the trial of Brendan Dassey’s through the 2015 Netflix television series “Making A Murderer.” His case raises a number of concerns regarding youth interrogations and the associated confessions.