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January 2015

01/29/2015 Record number of exonerations in the U.S., report says | Northwestern University School of Law in The Washington Post
01/28/2015 Lawsuit aims to force Illinois to re-assess parole for those behind bars the longest, including 5 Rockford killers | Joshua Tepfer; Center on Wrongful Convictions of Youth in Rockford Register Star
01/28/2015 Suit: State prison agencies 'flouted' part of parole law | David Shapiro; Roderick and Solange MacArthur Justice Center in The Chicago Sun-Times
01/28/2015 Reformer on Reformer: Leigh Buchanan Bienen Documents the Legacy of Crusader Florence Kelley | Leigh B. Bienen in NewCity Lit
01/28/2015 What does the International Criminal Court action mean for Israel? | Eugene Kontorovich in The American Israelite
01/27/2015 Exonerations of wrongly convicted in U.S. increased in 2014, registry claims | Northwestern University School of Law in Associated Press
01/27/2015 A New York Lesson for Chicago (and Elsewhere) | Alexa Van Brunt in The Marshall Project
01/26/2015 How the GOP wins in the northeast | John O. McGinnis in Washington Examiner
01/25/2015 What the ICC's 'preliminary examination' means for Israel | Eugene Kontorovich in The Times of Israel
01/25/2015 State keeps 1,250 parolees behind bars due to housing shortage (subscription required) | Alexa Van Brunt; Roderick MacArthur Justice Center in The Chicago Tribune
01/24/2015 New Jersey police shooting leads to renewed interest in body cameras | Alexa Van Brunt in The Guardian
01/23/2015 IL lawmakers asking DOJ to look into youth centers | Julie L. Biehl JD '86; Children and Family Justice Center in Peoria Public Radio
01/22/2015 New Hampshire Legislators Promise Free Market Health Insurance To Fix Obamacare Mess | Steven G. Calabresi in Breitbart
01/22/2015 New DNA evidence could prove Johnnie Lee Savory's innocence | Joshua Tepfer in CI News Now
01/22/2015 The Magic Question | Shari Seidman Diamond in Slate
01/21/2015 Scrutinizing the State of the Union | Jason C. DeSanto in WTTW- Chicago Tonight
01/21/2015 Professor, former political speechwriter Jason DeSanto breaks down Obama's State of the Union | Jason C. DeSanto in WGN News
01/21/2015 Nicholas and Eleanor Chabraja donate $5.6 million to Northwestern | Nicholas Chabraja JD '67 in Crain's Chicago Business
01/21/2015 5 Ways the US Criminal Justice System Violates Human Rights -- And How We Can Do Better | Alexa Van Brunt in The Huffington Post
01/20/2015 Imagining a President Who Speaks 'Truth to Power' on Juvenile Justice | Steven A. Drizin JD '86 in The Huffington Post
01/18/2015 No Plea Deal Likely in Boston Marathon Bombing Case | Robert C. Owen in The New York Times
01/18/2015 Jim Dey: 'Exclamation point' | Karen L. Daniel in The News-Gazette
01/16/2015 Chicago police video-recording lineups and photo arrays under new law | Karen L. Daniel in The Chicago Tribune
01/15/2015 Top War Crimes Diplomat Stepping Down | David J. Scheffer in Foreign Policy
01/15/2015 Well-known law prof battles stigma of chronic fatigue syndrome by going public | Steven Lubet in ABA Journal
01/13/2015 Quinn Commutes Sentence Of Man Convicted Of Lying In Murder Case | Rob Warden; Center on Wrongful Convictions in CBS Chicago
01/13/2015 Johnnie Lee Savory receives pardon in 1977 Peoria double murder case | Joshua Tepfer in Peoria Journal Star
01/12/2015 Federal judge slaps state's attorney's office with rare sanction | Steven Lubet in The Chicago Tribune
01/12/2015 Quinn commutes sentences of 2 men with shaky murder convictions | Jane E. Raley; Karen L. Daniel; Center on Wrongful Convictions in The Chicago Tribune
01/12/2015 'Frozen conflicts': Democracies decline to uphold their own values | Eugene Kontorovich in Los Angeles Times
01/11/2015 Suspect who tried to run over police officer arrested | David M. Shapiro in The Philadelphia Tribune
01/11/2015 Michigan's 1st blind justice aims to inspire | Richard Bernstein JD '99 in Detroit Free Press
01/10/2015 Quinn pardons Beaman in 1993 murder case | Karen L. Daniel; Jeffrey Urdangen; Center on Wrongful Convictions in The Pantagraph
01/10/2015 When Will Illinois Stop Unlawfully Holding People in Prison? | Alexa Van Brunt in Truthout
01/09/2015 Motion filed against Pa. Silencing Act | David M. Shapiro in The Philadelphia Tribune
01/09/2015 Law deans prepare to cope with changing legal landscape (subscription required) | Daniel B. Rodriguez in Chicago Daily Law Bulletin
01/08/2015 Thousands of Potential Jurors Summoned in Colorado Shooting Trial | Shari Seidman Diamond in The Wall Street Journal
01/08/2015 Same-sex marriage hearing all about timing for gay Texans (subscription required) | Andrew M. Koppelman in The Houston Chronicle
01/07/2015 Washington Watch: The new Israeli-Palestinian front: Lawyers and lobbyists | Eugene Kontorovich in The Jerusalem Post
01/07/2015 Remembering Jane Raley, Advocate for the Innocent | Jane E. Raley in The Huffington Post
01/06/2015 No Justice, No Peace | Karen L. Daniel in The New Yorker
01/06/2015 Boston Marathon Bombing Jury Selection: Will Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Get A Fair Trial? Yes, If 'Extensive' Process Works, Legal Experts Say | Shari Seidman Diamond in International Busniess Times
01/06/2015 McDonnell trial: Shorter sentence still sends strong ethics signal | Juliet Sorensen in Daily Press
01/05/2015 Ginsburg—and Reform—Highlight Law School Gathering | Daniel B. Rodriguez in The National Law Journal
01/05/2015 Judge Allows Same-Sex Marriages to Start in Florida | Andrew M. Koppelman in KCRW
01/05/2015 Palestinians seek to take advantage of ICC's unique "Israel" provision | Eugene Kontorovich in The Washington Post
01/04/2015 McDonnell sentence: Questions of ethics, deterrence, consequence | Juliet Sorensen in Daily Press
01/03/2015 Palestine's ICC bid could mark turning point | Eugene Kontorovich in Al Jazeera
01/02/2015 2015 AALS Annual Meeting: Legal Education at the Crossroads | Daniel B. Rodriguez in TaxProf Blog
01/01/2015 Richard Bernstein sworn in as Michigan's first blind Supreme Court justice | Richard Bernstein JD '99 in The Oakland Press
01/01/2015 New study of UN Resolution 242 could alter views of Israeli-Arab conflict | Eugene Kontorovich in The Jerusalem Post
01/01/2015 1985-1994: The legacy of Nuremberg | David J. Scheffer in ABA Journal

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