Gender Equity Initiative

Gender Equity Initiative

Notwithstanding individual and institutional efforts at improving gender equity in the law, a number of problems persistent. Female lawyers are underrepresented in leadership roles in big law, lag behind men in compensation packages at the highest level and continue to be impeded by the motherhood or caregiver penalty, despite parental leave policies. Studies have also shown that women of color face even more obstacles.

Our Goal

The Gender Equity Initiative (GEI) was created to address some of these challenges. Its goal is to make Northwestern Pritzker School of Law a leader in contributing to gender equity in the legal profession and the practice of law. 

Our Pillars of Change

The Gender Equity Initiative uses three pillars to contribute to achieving gender equity in the law:

Pillar 1:  Develop programs to support female law students and female lawyers of diverse backgrounds to sustain satisfying careers and achieve positions of leadership in their fields

Pillar 2:  Create spaces to share information/knowledge that highlights and provides solutions to gender equity gaps in the legal profession and wider society

Pillar 3:  Outreach into the community to tackle issues that disproportionately affect girls, women, gender minorities and men from disadvantaged groups