Center for Racial and Disability Justice

The Northwestern Pritzker Law Center for Racial and Disability Justice (CRDJ) is a first-of-its-kind center dedicated to promoting justice for people of color, people with disabilities, and individuals at the intersection of race and disability.

The CRDJ is led by Professor Jamelia Morgan. Professor Morgan is an acclaimed scholar focusing on issues at the intersections of race, gender, disability, and criminal law and punishment. Her scholarship and teaching examine the development of disability as a legal category in American law, disability and policing, overcriminalization and the regulation of physical and social disorder, and the constitutional dimensions of the criminalization of status.

Under her leadership, the CRDJ will focus on pressing social justice issues affecting the lives of disabled people of color, women with disabilities, LGBTQIA+ disabled people, and low-income disabled people. The Center's work will be collaborative and interdisciplinary, drawing connections among departments at Northwestern University and the greater Chicago community. 

Tackle Social Problems

While applying an intersectional approach to all research and rams, the CRDJ will work to further the goal of racial justice while advancing an agenda that promotes the human and civil rights of all people with disabilities.

  • Collaborate with racial and disability justice organizations and advocates to promote and implement transformative change policies and initiatives that address and improve the material and social conditions affecting the lives of people with disabilities

  • Address a number of social problems including, but not limited to, poverty, lack of affordable and accessible housing, vote suppression, unequal educational opportunities, unemployment, unequal access to affordable and quality health care, violations of sexual and reproductive autonomy, institutionalization, criminalization, and imprisonment

  • Focus on the problem of race- and class-based mass incarceration as it relates to the criminalization of disability in American society

Build an Ecosystem to Amplify Efforts 

The CDRJ will produce research, provide funding, develop policies, host programs, and disseminate communications to advance its mission.

  • Conduct interdisciplinary research on pressing legal issues

  • Provide technical assistance and support for policymakers, legal advocates, and community-based activists interested in pursuing legal strategies or implementing policies that advance the CRDJ's mission

  • Provide research fellowships and fellows-in-residence for senior and junior scholars whose research aligns with the CRDJ's mission

  • Offer programming and events geared towards educating the Northwestern community, as well as the broader public, about issues relating to the CDRJ's mission

The Center for Racial and Disability Justice's innovative and interdisciplinary approach will be critical to making progress on these important social justice issues and in helping improve the lives of all people with disabilities. 

To contact Professor Morgan about the Center email:

Center for Racial and Disability Justice Launch Event

November 16, 2022

When you make a gift to support the Center for Racial and Disability Justice, your philanthropic leadership will help impact this important research and enable Northwestern Pritzker Law to stay at the forefront of this important work.