CRDJ aims to reframe the debate on issues relating to racial and disability justice.

We use empirical research and critical theory to analyze social problems and tackle pressing issues at the intersection of racial and disability justice. We empower advocates with lived experiences to share their stories to the right audiences. We write for academic and popular outlets to reframe public conversations, media conversations, and policy debates.

CRDJ promotes law for the people.

We believe in the power of people to radically transform the world around them. We believe that by amplifying and supporting the work of existing movements for social change that we can contribute to effective and lasting positive change. We believe that there should be “Nothing About Us Without Us.” We pursue movement goals alongside movements and under the leadership of people with relevant lived experiences. We believe that law is one tool among many that can be deployed to shift power to the people by protecting their legal rights and freeing them up to protest, organize, and mobilize.

CRDJ works to tackle racism and ableism.

We strive to practice and promote the principles of disability justice. We believe that we cannot tackle racism without tackling ableism. We are fervently committed to dismantling both racism and ableism.

For information on disability justice, visit Sins Invalid’s “What is Disability Justice?”