Curricular Offerings

Curricular Offerings

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At Northwestern Law we go beyond teaching the basics of legal reasoning to enable our students to make sound and ethical judgments, understand and improve the delivery of justice, and respond to the changing contexts in which law and legal institutions operate. Accordingly, the overarching goal of our curricular plan is to empower our graduates to adapt to and master the challenges of the changing world better than those of any other law school.

Building a foundation in law
Northwestern Law provides a thorough understanding of the structures and policies of the law as well as a superior foundation in legal reasoning, analysis, and writing, for every student, particularly in the first year of study. Our students gain a broad and general understanding of how the law and legal institutions evolve and operate.

Building teamwork and communication skills
The modern world of legal practice and business is dominated by the use of multifunctional groups and teams. Through educational programs that focus on skills in teamwork, interpersonal communication, transactional practice and business, our students develop the ability to work effectively in groups with lawyers and non-lawyers alike.

Studying law as practiced and in context
Our nationally ranked clinical program has been a leader in teaching about the law in action in three ways: simulation of trials and negotiations, actual client representation, and externship work in a variety of legal practice settings. By the time our students graduate they will have had a variety of experiences that will enable them to make wise decisions about professional specializations and career choices.

Preparing for the globalization of law and business
Northwestern Law operates in an environment marked by increasing globalization of law and commerce. Our students are exposed to the international implications of what they learn about the law. We provide superior educational opportunities for students from around the world. Our students and faculty take advantage of opportunities to learn, teach, visit and interact with their counterparts from other nations and different cultures.

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