Rules and Regulations

The Law School, like any organization engaged in complex activity in which many individuals are involved, has a body of rules to define the relationships within the organization and to implement its institutional objectives. The most important and useful of these rules are found in this handbook. Included are the rules governing the course of instruction, the Honor Code, and the constitutions of the Student Bar Association and the scholarly journals.

Please remember that these rules were established not only to help the school carry out its responsibilities as an educational institution, but also to inform everyone who is subject to them of his or her individual rights, and to guarantee that the benefits and burdens of membership in the Law School community will be shared fairly and even-handedly by all.

To function effectively the rules must be well understood, respected, and impartially enforced, with as few exceptions as possible. This handbook should be consulted in all cases where a question of compliance or infraction may arise. If necessary, an interpretation from the Office of the Dean should be secured. In most cases, the Dean of Students or the Registrar will be able to assist you.

Rules and Regulations (pdf)

MSL Rules and Regulations