Student Wellness

Student Wellness

Upcoming Programming

Check out the weekly Be Well Newsletter for details about upcoming programming and important reminders. All programming is also listed on the Law School calendar.

Wellness at Northwestern Pritzker School of Law

At Northwestern Law, we believe that all students must make their mental health and wellness a priority, and we are committed to helping you do just that.  Students are provided with a robust slate of programs, activities, and resources to holistically support their mental health and well-being. We support the well-being of students by focusing on six dimensions:

A graphic with 6 circles that represent each of the facets of wellness: emotional, occupational, intellectual, spiritual, physical, and social.


Emotional Recognizing and expressing feelings in healthy ways
Occupational Cultivating personal satisfaction, growth, and enrichment in work; financial stability
Intellectual Being actively engaged in creative and mentally stimulating activities
Spiritual Understanding beliefs, values, and ethics that help guide you
Physical Maintaining a healthy quality of life through physical activity, proper nutrition, and restful sleep
Social Creating and maintaining healthy relationships

How does wellness fit into law school and the legal profession?

The work of a lawyer is incredibly meaningful and rewarding, but is also demanding and stressful. High levels of professional expectations and demands are stressors that can take a toll on one’s physical, social, and mental health. Law students are not immune to these pressures. Lawyers and law students show high rates of experiencing depression, anxiety, and substance abuse. At Northwestern Law we offer unique, tailored programming to proactively address the rising prevalence of mental health issues with wellness and prevention programs.


Be Well at Northwestern Pritzker School of Law

At Northwestern Law, we recognize that your personal growth and wellbeing are as vital to your success as your intellectual development as a lawyer. Therefore, we develop and offer a robust slate of programs that support your holistic wellness as you progress through your legal education.

Monthly Wellness Programming Weekly Wellness Programming
Each month the Law School hosts substantive programs focused on topics such as:
  • Perseverance and determination
  • Managing and relieving stress
  • Resiliency
  • Happiness in law school and beyond
  • Burnout
Each week there are several activities for students to to de-stress, relax, and engage with classmates. Programs include:
  • Mindfulness Meditation with Professors Len Riskin & Cliff Zimmerman
  • Yoga for Law Students
  • Time Management Group Workshop
  • Be Well Fun Run

World Mental Health Awareness Day: Every October, the Law School observes World Mental Health Awareness Day by offering programs for the entire NLaw community.

Wellness Week: Each year, Be Well at Northwestern Law hosts Wellness Week. This is a week dedicated to the promotion of both physical and mental health. Events range annually, but all address the vital role individual health and wellbeing plays in professional and personal success.

Mindfulness Meditation Recordings

Check out these eleven pre-recorded mindfulness mediation sessions so you can focus on your wellness whenever, wherever. All sessions are guided by Professor Cliff Zimmerman. Simply click on the title of a mindfulness meditation session in the playlist below to listen.