JD Programs

JD Programs

Our primary academic program is the juris doctor (JD) degree, which includes our joint degree programs: JD-MBA, JD-PhD, JD-LLM in Taxation, and JD-LLM in International Human Rights.

We also offer a Two-Year JD program designed for internationally educated attorneys, as well as opportunities for students to transfer or become a visiting student at Northwestern Pritzker Law.


The JD program at Northwestern Pritzker Law empowers our graduates to adapt to and master the challenges of the changing world better than those of any other law school. 


The Kellogg School and Northwestern Pritzker Law offer the only integrated Juris Doctor MBA program. The JD-MBA gives students a thorough grounding in both management and law. 


Northwestern's JD-PhD program is open to students who intend to pursue an academic or research career and whose teaching and research will be enriched by both degrees. 

JD-LLM in Taxation

By enrolling in the joint JD-LLM in Taxation Program, students can maximize their time in law school by earning their JD and LLM Tax degrees sequentially. This comprehensive course of study will provide them with the knowledge necessary to enter the practice of tax law.

JD-LLM in International Human Rights  

Northwestern Pritzker Law and its Center for International Human Rights offers a four-year joint degree program leading to both a JD and an LLM in International Human Rights, with a focus on both international human rights law and international criminal law.

International Dual Degrees

For students who wish to gain a more in-depth international experience or seek work abroad after graduation, Northwestern Pritzker Law offers two international dual-degree programs, the JD-LLM in International Business Law in Madrid, and the JD-Master in Economic Law in Paris.

Two-Year JD for International Lawyers

Northwestern Pritzker Law is one of the first law schools in the country to offer a Two-Year JD program for foreign-educated attorneys. Students who are admitted to the program receive one year of credit for their foreign law degree.


Each summer, Northwestern Pritzker Law accepts a small group of transfer students for fall admission to our JD program. 


Students currently enrolled at an Association of American Law Schools member school may be admitted to Northwestern Pritzker Law as visiting students for a single term or an academic year.  

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