The JD-MBA program combines academic grounding, analytical skills, and practical experience, and sets graduates up for success in law or business. In just three years – rather than the five it would take to complete both degrees separately – students earn a Juris Doctor from Northwestern Pritzker Law and a Master of Business Administration from the Kellogg School of Management. This program enables students to follow their chosen career path, whether they aspire to be a business leader with legal expertise, or they want to pursue a law career with a solid foundation in management.

Program Structure and Curriculum

Students begin the program in the fall and spend the first year at the Law School on Northwestern’s downtown Chicago campus. The first summer and entire second year of study occur at the Kellogg campus in Evanston. The second summer is devoted to an internship in law or business. During the final year, the Law School serves as home base, although students may opt to take additional electives at Kellogg.

JD-MBA students participate in the same classes and coursework as their counterparts who are seeking only an MBA or law degree.

The program also offers a rich array of experiential learning opportunities, enabling students to apply knowledge gained in the classroom to real-world, on-the-ground experiences. Students can provide legal and strategic consulting to small businesses through Northwestern Law’s Donald Pritzker Entrepreneurship Law Center, for example. Or they can tackle challenges for international organizations through Global Lab, or work at a venture fund or incubator through Venture Lab.

First Year – Northwestern Law

Students spend the first year of the JD-MBA Program at the Law School’s Chicago Campus where they complete the standard first-year law curriculum.

Summer Term (1st summer) – Break & Classes

There is a 5-6 week break between the end of the first year and beginning of summer term. Students must take a minimum of 3.0 Kellogg credits during the summer, usually through the Evening Weekend Program at Kellogg downtown. They are also encouraged to take Law School coursework – and many enroll in an experiential opportunity.

Second Year - Kellogg

Students register in the full-time program at Kellogg's Evanston campus (which operates on the quarter system) and will complete the minimum 16 Kellogg credit MBA requirements, including the core classes, by the end of this year. JD-MBA students have a fully immersive Kellogg experience in this year: experiential learning courses, club leadership, KWEST, social events, etc.

Summer Internship (2nd summer)

Students participate in a summer internship in law or business following their second year in the program. Students pursuing a law internship will go through recruiting with the Law School, while students pursuing a business internship will participate in the Kellogg recruiting activities. Students have full access to both Northwestern Law and Kellogg Career Centers.

Third Year – Northwestern Law and Kellogg

Students return full-time to the Law School and complete nearly all their remaining courses at Northwestern Law. Students may take a few Kellogg electives if there is space in their credit offerings for each quarter and provided they do not exceed the 20 Kellogg course limit. Most JD-MBA students take 1-4 Kellogg courses during their third year.

Career Support and Alumni Network

JD-MBA students have full access to the support and coaching offered by the career services offices at both Kellogg and the Law School. Graduates are highly sought after for their critical thinking, creativity, and commitment, and they serve in positions of leadership in law firms, corporations, government entities, and nonprofit organizations.

Upon graduation, students become part of an expanded and prestigious global network of alumni known for their willingness to support each other professionally and personally. The structure of the JD-MBA Program offers a double advantage: JD-MBAs graduate with their first-year classmates from both programs and continue those rewarding lifelong connections as alumni.

Student Profile and Eligibility

Students generally enter the JD-MBA program with several years of full-time work experience. Northwestern offers one integrated application through Kellogg Admissions, and only a GMAT or GRE score is required. Applicants need not submit a separate law school application.

For more information, visit the JD-MBA Program site.