Employment Information

Employment Information

Our JD-MBA graduates are hired by the nation’s most prestigious law firms, investment banks, consulting firms, and private equity companies. Due to the additional management and business abilities these students possess and their heightened practice readiness, some law firms provide JD-MBA graduates with a signing bonus or start them at second-year associate status. Our JD-MBA alumni are partners in many of the nation’s leading law firms, occupy executive positions and serve as corporate counsel in many of the world’s most reputable companies, and are senior leaders of important government and nonprofit organizations.  

Our JD-MBA graduates also enjoy geographic flexibility with the majority employed in regions outside of the Midwest. Among our JD-MBA alumni of the past decade, 66% are located outside of the Midwest.

Our JD-MBA alumni fare extremely well in the employment market, aided by the career path diversification and education the dual degree provides. From 2008 to 2020, 98 percent of JD-MBA graduates have obtained full-time, long-term employment with legal or business employers within ten months of graduation. Historically, one-half of our JD-MBA graduates have pursued positions in the law and one-half in business.

Summary of Current Positions Held (as of 2013):

49 law firm partners; 55 law firm associates
37 corporate counsel (assistant, associate general counsel, corporate counsel, tax counsel
46 presidents, ceos, chairmen, owners, founders; 32 unit/department directors or executive directors; 75 vice presidents, managing directors, managing partners, principals, CFOs, COOs, CIOs, etc.
5 professors; 1 former law school dean (Southern Methodist University Dedman School of Law
1 mayor (Bloomington, IL)
1 judge