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February 2024


Martin H. Redish, Due Process as American Democracy (2024).

Tina L. Stark & Monica L. Llorente, Drafting Contracts: How and Why Lawyers Do What They Do (3d ed. 2024).


Periodical Articles

Michael Barsa & David Dana, The Major Questions Doctrine’s Upside for Combatting Climate Change, 32 New York University Environmental Law Journal 1 (2024).

Andrew Koppelman, The Use and Abuse of Tradition: A Comment on DeGirolami’s Traditionalism Rising, 24 Journal of Contemporary Legal Issues 187 (2023).

Cara McClellan & Jamelia Morgan, Toward Abolitionist Remedies: Police (Non)Reform Litigation after the 2020 Uprisings, 51 Fordham Urban Law Journal 635 (2024).

John O. McGinnis & Michael Rappaport, An Originalist Approach to Prospective Overruling, 99 Notre Dame Law Review 425 (2023).

Kathleen Dillon Narko, Keep It Together: Clear Writing Follows Subject-Verb-Object Order, CBA Record, Jan.-Feb. 2024, at 36.

John J. Nay, David Karamardian, Sarah B. Lawsky, Wenting Tao, Meghana Bhat, Raghav Jain, Aaron Travis Lee, Jonathan H. Choi & Jungo Kasai, Large Language Models as Tax Attorneys: A Case Study in Legal Capabilities Emergence, 382 Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A 20230159 (2024).

James E. Pfander, Judicial Review of Unconventional Enforcement Regimes, 102 Texas Law Review 769 (2024).


Accepted Articles

Michael Barsa, Seeing International Agriculture Through a Climate Change “Lens”:  Enhancing Food Security in a Climate Changing World, ___ Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies ___ (forthcoming 2024).

Jessica Kittelberger & Michael Barsa, No Place for Morality: The Emerging Threat to Interstate Commerce and the Extraterritoriality Principle, ___ Creighton Law Review ___ (forthcoming 2024).

James E. Pfander & Rex N. Alley, Federal Tort Liability After Egbert v. Boule: A Textual Case for Restoring the Officer Suit at Common Law, 138 Harvard Law Review ___ (forthcoming 2025).


Contributions to Books

Daniel J. Gandert, The Kiss That Kept the Precedent for Proportionality, in Sports Law: Legal Responsibility in Sports Contracts—Arbitration—Ethical Management, and Covid 19, at 292 (Dimitrios P. Panagiotopoulos ed. 2024).


Op-Eds/Blog Posts/Popular Press

Joshua Alter, “A Pivotal Moment for Fully Residential LL.M. Programs for Foreign-Educated Lawyers?,” International Jurist (Feb. 20, 2024).

Erin F. Delaney, “Constitutional History and the Historical Constitution,” JOTWELL (Feb. 27, 2024) (reviewing Harshan Kumarasingham, The Historical Constitution, in The Cambridge Constitutional History of the United Kingdom (Peter Cane & Harshan Kumarasingham eds. 2023)).

Andrew Koppelman, “Justice Alito’s Delusions of Persecution,” The Hill (Feb. 22, 2024).

Steven Lubet, “Progressive Viewpoint Bias Taints Columbia’s Fight Against Antisemitism,” The Hill (Feb. 12, 2024).

Steven Lubet, “The Medical Gaslighting of Long COVID Patients Could Be Nearing Its End,” The Hill (Feb. 26, 2024).

Steven Lubet, “Let Crystal Clanton Move On,” Slate (Feb. 28, 2024).

John O. McGinnis, “The Rise and Fall of Chevron,” Law & Liberty (Feb. 8, 2024).

John O. McGinnis, “Archetype of Illiberalism,” Law & Liberty (Feb. 22, 2024).

James E. Pfander, “Ordinary Law, Constitutional Torts, and Governmental Accountability,” JOTWELL (Feb. 5, 2024).

David Scheffer, “Three Challenging Policy Issues for the Prosecutor in the Israel/Hamas Situation,” ICC Forum (Feb. 2024).


Working Papers

Andrew M. Koppelman, The Supreme Court’s Gay Rights-Religious Liberty Contortions, Northwestern Public Law Research Paper No. 24-05 (2024).