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December 2022


Robert P. Burns, Steven Lubet, Richard Moberly & James Seckinger, Evidence in Context: A Trial Evidence Workbook (6th ed. 2022).


Periodical Articles

Hal R. Arkes & Jonathan J. Koehler, Inconclusives Are Not Errors: A Rejoinder to Dror, 21 Law, Probability & Risk 89 (2022).

Erin F. Delaney & Ruth Mason, Solidarity Federalism, 98 Notre Dame Law Review 617 (2022)

Heidi Kitrosser, “A Government That Benefits from Expertise”: Unitary Executive Theory & the Government’s Knowledge Producers, 72 Syracuse Law Review 1473 (2022).

Joshua Kleinfeld & Hadar Dancig-Rosenberg, Social Trust in Criminal Justice: A Metric, 98 Notre Dame Law Review 815 (2022).

Andrew Koppelman, Bostock and Textualism: A Response to Berman and Krishnamurthi, 98 Notre Dame Law Review Reflection 89 (2022).

Ajay K. Mehrotra, Experts, Democracy, and the Historical Irony of U.S. Tax Policy: Thomas S. Adams and the Beginnings of the Value-Added Tax, 5 Modern American History 239 (2022).

Kathleen Dillon Narko, Legal Email: 10 Tips for Writing Your Best Email (and Avoiding Your Worst Nightmare), CBA Record, Nov./Dec. 2022, at 36.

Kimberly A. Yuracko, The Culture War Over Girls’ Sports: Understanding the Argument for Transgender Girls’ Inclusion, 67 Villanova Law Review 717 (2022).


Op-Eds/Blog Posts/Popular Press

Steven G. Calabresi, “Can the Supreme Court Define a State’s ‘Legislature’?,” Wall Street Journal (Dec. 5, 2022).

Charlotte Crane, “What Do We Know About the US Corporate Income Tax?,” JOTWELL (Nov. 24, 2022) (reviewing Jane Gravelle, CRS, Corporate Tax Reform: Issues for Congress, RL34229 (2021)).

Andrew Koppelman, “How the Respect for Marriage Act Will Heal One of America’s Most Toxic Divisions,” The Hill (Dec. 4, 2022).

Andrew Koppelman, “Do Professors Have a Right to Mistreat Students?,” Chronicle of Higher Education (Dec. 9, 2022).

Andrew Koppelman, “Nozick vs. Kant on Libertarianism,” Philosophical Salon (Dec. 19, 2022).

Steven Lubet, “Drawing the Line Between Terrible Judging and Judicial Misconduct,” The Hill (Dec. 15, 2022).

Steven Lubet, “Cassidy Hutchinson Transcript Reveals New Low for Trump World,” The Hill (Dec. 28, 2022).

Max M. Schanzenbach & Robert H. Sitkoff, “No, Biden Isn't Forcing Your Retirement Money Into ESG Funds,” Wall Street Journal (Dec. 22, 2022).

David J. Scheffer, “A New Roadblock for Scottish Independence,” Council on Foreign Relations (Dec. 9, 2022).


Working Papers

Bernard S. Black, Jeffrey Traczynski & Victoria Udalova, How Do Insurers Price Medical Malpractice Insurance?, IZA Discussion Paper No. 15392 (2022).