James A. Rahl/Owen L. Coon Senior Research Program

Senior Research Program

The James A. Rahl/Owen L. Coon Senior Research Program gives third-year Northwestern Law students the opportunity to work closely with our renowned faculty exploring answers to challenging questions of doctrine and policy. Due to the generosity of the Owen L. Coon Foundation and other donors, there is a fund to support empirical research expenses of projects. Students are placed with supervising professors, experts in their field, to conduct research on the most pertinent current and historical legal issues.

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Current Projects


Supervising Faculty Student Project Topic
Allen, Ronald Lawrence, William TBD
Delaney, Erin Mantegani, Joseph Tribal Courts in Federalist Systems
Koppelman, Andrew Kabe, Benjamin The Process of Self-Government: Addressing the Tension Between Brandeisian Free Speech and Federalism
McGinnis, John Barrett, James Evidence of Specific Original Methods of Constitutional Interpretation


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