James A. Rahl/Owen L. Coon Senior Research Program

James A. Rahl/Owen L. Coon Senior Research Program

The James A. Rahl/Owen L. Coon Senior Research Program gives third-year Northwestern Law students the opportunity to work closely with our renowned faculty exploring answers to challenging questions of doctrine and policy. Due to the generosity of the Owen L. Coon Foundation and other donors, there is a fund to support empirical research expenses of projects. Students are placed with supervising professors, experts in their field, to conduct research on the most pertinent current and historical legal issues.

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Current Projects


Student Project Topic
Arimond, Bridget Eiland, Austin LGBTQI+ Rights in International Law: An Examination of the Impact of the Yogyakarta Principles
Barsa, Michael Choi, Michael (Title Pending)
Barsa, Michael Kittelberger, Jessica Beyond Price Controls: The Extraterritoriality Principle’s Possible Transformative Impact on Animal Welfare
Biehl, Julie Hughes, Erin Community Defense Clinics as a More Effective Model of Public Defense
Calabresi, Steven Cordonnier, Bailey In Defense of Originalism
DiCola, Peter Beirne, Michael Loss of Laches: SCOTUS Supports Strategic Suits
DiCola, Peter DeVlieger, Dana The Inconsistent Application of the Extrinsic Test in Music Copyright Cases
Glogower, Ari Sethi, Jas Private Placement Insurance has Left the "Insurance" Behind - Reconciling the Favorable Tax Treatment of PPI with its Higher Risk and Returns
Gowder, Paul Cleary, Elaine Ghost Guns: 3D Printed Firearms and the First Amendment
Kitrosser, Heidi Gilligan, Brendan Without Borders or Boundaries: Executive Order 12,333 Signals Intelligence and the Constitutional Requirement of Judicial Review
Kleinfeld, Joshua Bayer, Dominic The Plain Meaning Rule and Textualism
Kugler, Matthew Lee, Allison (Title Pending)
Kugler, Matthew Preminger, Alice Right of Publicity and Deepfakes
Lindgren, James Zylberberg, Daniel Maintaining Kovel Privilege in a Corporate Transactional Setting
Linna Jr., Daniel Wu, Elise Between Promises and Pitfalls: Addressing the Potential Impact of Adopting Artificial Intelligence in the United Nation’s Agenda in Health and Human Rights
Llorente, Monica Lang-Reyes, Andrew First Generation Law Students: Tribulations & Triumphs
McGinnis, John Stehle, Jared Privatizing Antitrust: Neo-Brandeisians' Democracy Problem
McGinnis, John Stippich, Grace A Backwards-Looking Framework for Antitrust Law
Morgan, Jamelia Boraz, Katharine Justice for All: Remedies for Disability Discrimination in a Post-Cummings World
Pfander, James O'Brien, Jacqueline The Surprisingly Functional World of Territorial Jurisdiction
Pfander, James Wagner, Nicholas Quashing
Redish, Martin Epstein, David The Unitary Executive in the Age of Authoritarianism
Redish, Martin Lane, Jackson The Declaratory Judgment Act and Federal Jurisdiction
Reed, Stephen Jameel, Sarah The Future of Sustainable Fashion Law, Policy, & Business Practices
Sorensen, Juliet Choi, Jeehoon Lobbying and Bribery
Wang, Xiao Bellis, Michael Bellwether Ballots: When Direct Democracy is the Answer
Weinstock, Robert Nchako, Taylor Integrating Indigenous Water Rights into International Conservation Law
Zimmerman, Clifford Desgrosseilliers, Taylor Megadrought and Prior Appropriation: Modern Legal Approaches to Distributing Water in the West
Zimmerman, Clifford Hale, Lucas (Title Pending)


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