James A. Rahl/Owen L. Coon Senior Research Program

James A. Rahl/Owen L. Coon Senior Research Program

The James A. Rahl/Owen L. Coon Senior Research Program gives third-year Northwestern Law students the opportunity to work closely with our renowned faculty exploring answers to challenging questions of doctrine and policy. Due to the generosity of the Owen L. Coon Foundation and other donors, there is a fund to support empirical research expenses of projects. Students are placed with supervising professors, experts in their field, to conduct research on the most pertinent current and historical legal issues.

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Current Projects


Supervising Faculty Student

Project Topic

Allen, Ronald

Lawrence, William Reformulating the Foundations of Evidence Law: Minimal Rationality

Barsa, Michael

Flynn, Palden State Citizen Suit Provisions
Bedi, Sheila Tollner, Terah "We Keep Us Safe": Movement-Led Proposals for Community Investment and Defunding the Chicago Police Department
Delaney, Erin Mantegani, Joseph Tribal Courts in Federalist Systems
Francis, Clinton Irfan, Sumair Ushering a Legal and Financial Creature of the Past into the 21st Century: A Critique and Reimagining of the Capital Structure System in the TMT Sector and Beyond
Francis, Clinton Blosser, Natalie Toward a More Efficient and Empirically Based System for Allocating Risk, Return and Control Among Capital Providers in Chapter 11
Jacobi, Tonja Maguire, Addie The Differences in Policies and Purposes Between Administrative Searches of Probationers and Parolees
Jacobi, Tonja Mascia, Eryn Language, Power, and Prison Litigation
Jacobi, Tonja Oka, Misty-Ann Unwarranted: No-Knock Warrants After the Death of Breonna Taylor
Jacobi, Tonja Louthen, Elliot Inevitable Discovery
Kang, Michael Dodsworth, Harry The Negative and Positive Purcell Principle
Koppelman, Andrew Kabe, Benjamin The Process of Self-Government: Addressing the Tension Between Brandeisian Free Speech and Federalism
Lupo, James Turner, Cole The Law According to Baldwin: Race and Queer Identity in Cultural Responses to Inequality
McGinnis, John Barrett, James Evidence of Specific Original Methods of Constitutional Interpretation
McGinnis, John Henry, Daniel Canons of Statutory Interpretation and Administrative Scope of Authority
Pfander, James Barnaby, Natalie Virginia State Sovereign Immunity in the Post-Revolutionary Period
Rubinowitz, Leonard Fintel, Kate TBD
Schwartz, David Learned, Glen The Streamers Dilemma -  DMCA Copyright Strikes on ld content
Schwartz, David Rogers, Jules Patentability of AI-Produced Inventions
Shapiro, David Sopko, Adam Judicial Perceptions of Risk in Policing (working title)
Shoked, Nadav Stage, David City Income Taxes & Wealthy Inequality
Shoked, Nadav Le, Amy The Law of Grants
Sorensen, Juliet Heim, Meredith Amicus Brief to the Inter-American Court of Human Rights for the Case of Manuela and Family v. El Salvador


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