James A. Rahl/Owen L. Coon Senior Research Program

James A. Rahl/Owen L. Coon Senior Research Program

The James A. Rahl/Owen L. Coon Senior Research Program gives third-year Northwestern Law students the opportunity to work closely with our renowned faculty exploring answers to challenging questions of doctrine and policy. Due to the generosity of the Owen L. Coon Foundation and other donors, there is a fund to support empirical research expenses of projects. Students are placed with supervising professors, experts in their field, to conduct research on the most pertinent current and historical legal issues.

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Current Projects

Student Project Topic
Allen, Ronald Piazza, Paul The Common Law as a Complex Adaptive System
Barsa, Michael Urig, Maddy Superfund Natural Resource Remediation and the Public Trust Doctrine
Francis, Clinton Han, Sang Yup Information Asymmetry in Corporate Restructuring: Financial Complexities from Initial Distress to Restructuring Resolutions
Francis, Clinton Taub, Avi The Original Purposes of the Bankruptcy Code: Have we Drifted Away From it?
Hoeflich, Adam Hwang, Yeju Uninjured and Excluded: Keeping Class Actions Honest
Horwich, Allan Patrick, Sarah Congressional Insider Trading and the Bipartisan Restoring Faith in Government Act
Horwich, Allan O'Sullivan, Ryan Accountability Redefined: Evaluating the Implications of the SEC’s Clawback Rule
Kang, Michael Selzer, Eric Criminal Campaign Finance
Lawsky, Sarah Richardson, Sebastian On Legal Understanding
Litvak, Katherine Warren, John Cross-Listing Pair Premia and the 2000 U.S. Technology Bubble
Lupo, James Donahue, Kaitlan Redress or Regulation? Remedial Purpose and Private Attorney General Causes of Action
McGinnis, John Soh, Leo Jaehyun Title TBD
Morgan, Jamelia Burton-Martin, Jasmeene Legal "Diagnosis" of Intelletual Disability: How and Why States Risk Violating Capital Defendants' Eighth Amendment Rights
Muchman, Wendy Norise, Sarah The Vocal Disdain for Rule Model Rule 8.4(g). What is the Real Problem? The Rule or a Desire to Protect the Ability to Discriminate?
Pfander, James Zakowski, Mary From Writs of Scire Facias to National Injunctions
Redish, Martin Bryski, Sasha Personal Jurisdiction as Constitutional Law
Speta, James Eisley, Addison Criminal Law in Legislative Courts
Speta, James Shcherbakova, Elizaveta The Current Federal Legal Landscape in Data Privacy and Cybersecurity
Tuerkheimer, Deborah Gottschalk, Anne Title TBD


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