Past Senior Research Projects

2019-20 Senior Research Projects​

Supervising Faculty Student Project Topic
Allen, Ronald Edmonds, Christian Fourth Amendment Protections for Pastoral Work Product
Allen, Ronald Etemadi, Donna Constitutional Challenges in the Rise of Smart Cities
Barsa, Michael Morgan, Emily Challenging the Executive's Deconstruction of the Administrative State through an Environmental Law Lens
Barsa, Michael Simon, Steven Legal Issues Around the Discovery, Development and Sale of Non-Earth Resources
Calabresi, Steven Agarwal, Mohit Originalism and the Chinese Exclusion Act Cases
Calabresi, Steven Ingram, Brian Originalism and the Eighth Amendment
Clopton, Zachary French, William Horizontal Choice of Law in Federal Courts
Drizin, Steven Hoose, Samara False Confessions to Loved Ones (or similar)
Gandert, Daniel Figueroa, Emilio The NCAA Needs to Take a Stand Against Student-Athletes Engaged in Acts of Sexual Violence
Geraghty, Thomas Henson, Shane Criminal Defense of Human Rights Activists: An International Comparison of Myanmar and Ethiopia
Geraghty, Thomas Tarabishy, Noor Liberation or Persecution? Human Rights Abuses Against Civilians in Former ISIS Territory
Horwich, Allan Dau, Thi Huyen My The Actual and Potential Uses of Offensive Collateral Estoppel in Securities Litigation
Jacobi, Tonja Clafton, Riley Topic in Constitutional Criminal Procedure
Jacobi, Tonja Stonecipher, Dustin Hey Alexa, Do I Still Have Fourth Amendment Rights?: How Rediscovering Katz Creates a Third Party Doctrine for the Twenty-First Century
Kang, Michael Agarwal, Mohit Judicial Campaign Finance Regulation
Lee, Alex Kang, Min Shareholder Advantages and Disadvantages of Direct and Hybrid Listing
Lee, Alex Kingra, Anisha The Aftermath of Repealed Regulations
Lindgren, James Sherley, Casey Attitudes & Views
Lindgren, James Whitehead, Timothy Slave Power and the Effect of the Three-Fifth's Compromise on Elections
McGinnis, John Sun, Linda A Tale of Two Agencies - The Case for Unification of Antitrust Law Under One Agency
Pfander, James Borrasso, Andrew Murray's Lessee—Public Rights, Private Rights, Antebellum Common Law, and Article III
Pfander, James Joffroy, Elena “Now Existing”: The Original Grandfather Clause
Redish, Martin Monaghan, Colin The Power of Congress to Control Judicial Remedies to Enforce the Constitution
Rodriguez, Daniel Perez, Angel How High is Too High: The Taxation of California's Cannabis Industry
Scheffer, David Frye, Reilly Sentiment Analysis of Recent CEO Engagement on Human Rights and Public Policy Issues
Sorensen, Juliet Serafini, Oliver The Continuing Need for Local Governmental Ethics Reforms: Cook County, a Case Study

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2018-19 Senior Research Projects​

Supervising Faculty Student Project Topic
Bedi, Sheila Benjamin, Theo Criminological Impact of Cannabis Offenses in Illinois
Bedi, Sheila Janzen, Kiera State Bail Variation and Reform Across the U.S.
Biehl, Julie Duff, Robert Statutory Analysis of Illinois Expungement and Sealing Laws and Evaluation of the Implementation of New Statutory Scheme
Biehl, Julie Englund, Emma Challenges to Juvenile Sex Offender Registration Statutes
Burns, Robert Lopez, Leah Law, Fragmentation and Difference: How the Multiplicity of Voices in Legal Jurisprudence Influences Judicial Decisionmaking
Calabresi, Steven Deal, Joshua An Analysis of Executive Power in Colonial America
Diamond, Shari Page, Andrew Authority and Persuasion on the Grand Jury
DiCola, Peter Hahn, Sujung The Role of AI in U.S. Copyright for the Music Industry
DiCola, Peter Svedman, Megan Putting the Art in Artificial: AI & the Creation of Visual Artwork
Fiebig, Andre Erlain, William Property Rights to Consumer Data and Impact on Mergers and Acquisitions
Friedman, Ezra Webber, Andrew Fuzzy Thinking: Liability for Concussion Injuries in an era of Weakening Civil Immunity
Gandert, Daniel Pashos, Anthony Hail Mary: Federal Regulation of College Sports & Justice for Student Athletes
Gandert, Daniel Schmidt, Ryan Professional Sports Gambling in a Post-PASPA World
Horwich, Allan Gong, Yixue The Link Between State Derivative Suits & Fed. Sec. Class Actions
Horwich, Allan Wang, Zhuo Loss Causation in Private Damages Actions
Kugler, Matthew Hurley, Meredith Privacy Law in the Evolving Energy Industry
Lindgren, James Harris, Kimberly The Prevalence and Significance of Godparents in 21st Century America
Lindgren, James Harris, Kimberly Contemporary Treatment of Incorporation by Relationship in Estate Planning Documents
Loeb, Nancy DeAmico, Kathleen The Environmental Impact of Lithium-Ion Batteries and How to Face Them
Loeb, Nancy Jones, Jared Traversing the Barriers to Electric Vehicle Adoption in the United States
Lupo, James Messinger, Kathleen Fake News and the Regulation of Truth
Lupo, James Monjar, Anne Law as Literature: The Transcendentalist Movement in 19th Century Jurisprudence
McGinnis, John Erickson, Matthew A New Test for Compelling Interests
McGinnis, John Lalani, Khadija Decentralizing Financial Risk
Peery, Destiny Taylor, Kyla Where Are the Black Lawyers?
Pfander, James McBride, Meredith Federal-State Court Parity as Empirical Question
Pfander, James Wentzel, Jacob The Common Law Origins of Ex parte Young
Redish, Martin Day, Edward Class Action Standing & Article III’s Case-or-Controversy Requirement
Redish, Martin Pereyra, Julio The First Amendment and Political Fraud
Redish, Martin Pope, Lauren The Converse Erie Doctrine
Redish, Martin Stimple, Kelsey Rethinking the Dormant Commerce Clause
Rountree, Meredith Smith, Kelyn 15 Years Later: Sentencing in the aftermath of U.S. v. Booker
Rubinowitz, Leonard Katz, Mendy William Robert Ming: The Contributions and Challenges of a Civil Rights Lawyer
Rubinowitz, Leonard Melcer, Moshe A Chronological Analysis chronological analysis of Hills v. Gautreaux
Scheffer, David Elder, Allison Disseminating International Detention Standards through International Criminal Tribunals
Schwartz, David Ellenberger, Michael Moving Targets: Patentability Standards Before the USPTO
Schwartz, David Giroud, Xaviere Design Patent Trolls and NPE's
Schwartz, David Sample, Ryan Legal Issues in Biosimilar Regulation, Particularly Settlements
Shoked, Nadav Mamon, Miles Legal Issues in Real Estate Development
Shoked, Nadav Rosenthal, Justin Designing Economic Development Packages: How Did We Get to Amazon HQ2 and What May be Next
Speta, James Ogren, Alexander Snap Removal & the Supreme Court's Role in the District Courts
Tenenbaum, J. Samuel Tzivas, Amanda Preemptively Dealing with Fraud: Proactiveness Over Reactiveness
Yuracko, Kimberly Reay, Mason The Northwestern Difference

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2017-18 Senior Research Projects​

Allen, Ronald Koenigsfeld, Benjamin; Krebsbach, Andrew; Lartey, Steven Kwabena Aye; Lee, Tae Hee; Quamme, Palmer; Savabi, Heidi Criminal Justice Reform in Tanzania
Barsa, Michael Salzman, Garrett Bulwarks Against Regression
Calabresi, Steven Shaw, Todd The Jurisprudence of Justice Samuel Alito
Delaney, Erin Taleb, Salma The Role of Arab Expatriates in Constitutional Changes in the Middle East Post the Arab Spring
Delaney, Erin Taleb, Salma Constitutional Comparative Law
DiCola, Peter Hirschfeld, Gerry Compulsory Licensing versus Negotiated Rates
DiCola, Peter Ikram, Maliha Long-term Maintenance of Public Art and Resulting Derivative Works Rights
Foster, Mary Palfi, Christopher Artificial Intelligence and Legal Ethics: Efficiency at What Costs?
Gandert, Daniel Elwanni, Khalid State Legislative Approaches to Stadium Financing Negotiations
Geraghty, Thomas Karamally, Natasha The Role of Data and Qualitative Research in Driving Criminal Justice Reform, Cook County, Bangladesh, Somalia, and Ethiopia
Horwich, Allan Liu, Weichi A Hypothetical Supreme Court Opinion of Leidos, Inc. v. Indiana Public Retirement System
Horwich, Allan Ramakrishnan, Deepa The Application of Federal Securities Law to Activist Investors
Lawsky, Sarah Menneto, Connor Taxing the Poor (An Extension): What Donald Trump Teaches Us About Taxing the Poor
Lewis, Andrea Guerrero, Frances Women and False Confessions
Lindgren, James Pizano Mejia, Pedro Roberto The State of Human Rights
Lupo, James Wiznitzer, Lisa Another Opening Another Show: Organizing Not-for-Profit Theatre Companies to Maximize Sustainability
Martin, Chris McJilton, Laura Artificial Intelligence and Bias: Concerns in the Application to Law
McGinnis, John Flanagan, Ian Interpretation and Judicial Opinions
Mollen, Abby Murray, Zachary The Opinions in Writing Clause: The True Unitary Executive
Mollen, Abby Murray, Zachary History of the Executive Power
Naughton, James Ostosh, Curtiss Constitutional Disparity: Illinois Pension Protection Provision
O'Hare, John Zhang, Xiaomeng (Rebecca) An Evaluation of the Dual Class ​Stock ​Structure
Pfander, James Lanza, Jentry Early History and the Role of State Courts in Cases Involving Federal Law
Redish, Martin Andreu, Carlos The Right to Civil Jury Trials: An Argument in Favor of Instating Civil Juries in Puerto Rico
Redish, Martin Johnson, Brandon Rethinking the Privileges and Immunities Clause
Redish, Martin Peterson, Gregory Legislative Stances on the Parity Debate
Schrup, Sarah Pavletic, John Burden-Shifting on Plain Error: The Prejudice Analysis that Controls Prior Convictions under Divisible Statutes
Schwartz, David Mahaseth, Tulip Inter Partes Review and Orange Book Patents
Schwartz, David Mooradian, Kristina Continuation of Design Patent Study
Schwartz, David Mooradian, Kristina Design Patents
Silver, Carole Guo, Xi The Rises and Falls of Foreign Law Firms' U.S. Offices
Sorensen, Juliet Fuller, Natale Chicago's Low Recycling Rate: Inefficient and Open to Legal Action?
Sorensen, Juliet Waterhous, Julia Prosecution of Sexual Violence in War: Past, Present, Future
Speta, James Plotkin, Carter Judicial Review of Interpretative Rules
Tenenbaum, J. Samuel Kim, Katherine Cryptocurrencies: Behind the Speculative Bubble
Tuerkheimer, Deborah Caldwell, Sheridan Reimagining Griswold as an Equal Protection Case
Tuerkheimer, Deborah Shaukat, Mehwish American Muslim Women: Feminist theory and Fourth Amendment violations
Yuracko, Kimberly Blum, Lindsey Women in Leadership Positions

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