Cecchi, Juliann , Assistant Dean, External Partnerships

Diamond, David , Assistant Dean, Center for Career Strategy and Advancement

Drizin, Steven A.
Clinical Professor of Law, Assistant Dean, Bluhm Legal Clinic

Fortune, Kirston , Assistant Dean of Marketing and Communications

Geraghty, Thomas F.
Class of 1967 James B. Haddad Professor of Law, Director, Bluhm Legal Clinic, Associate Dean of Clinical Education

Lee, Johann , Assistant Dean of Admissions

Martin, Christopher M.
Clinical Assistant Professor of Law, Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs: Curriculum

Nadler, Janice
Professor of Law, Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs

Rebstock, Donald , Associate Dean of Enrollment Management, Career Strategy, and Marketing

Rodriguez, Daniel B.
Dean, Harold Washington Professor

Speta, James B.
Class of 1940 Research Professor of Law, Senior Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and International Initiatives, Director of Executive LLM Programs

Spies Roth, Susan
Clinical Assistant Professor of Law, Assistant Dean for Student Services and Academic Excellence

Winters, Rita , Associate Dean of Administration and Finance

Zimmerman, Clifford
Clinical Associate Professor of Law, Associate Dean and Dean of Students