Anthony A. D'Amato

Judd and Mary Morris Leighton Professor of Law


Anthony D'Amato's interest is in the theory of law. He writes in the areas of international law and jurisprudence, focusing upon their underlying analytic structure. His books include International Law Today: A Handbook; The Alien Tort Claims Statute; European Union Law Anthology; International Law: Process and Prospect (2nd ed.); Analytic Jurisprudence Anthology; International Intellectual Property Law; and three volumes of his collected papers: International Law Sources, International Law Studies, and International Law and Political Reality

His first book, The Concept of Custom in International Law, published in 1971, is generally regarded as a classic and is one of the most widely cited works in international law. He has published more than 100 scholarly articles—over eighty of them are available on his SSRN Author Page; others are available as links to his web page.

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Areas of Expertise

  • International Human Rights
  • Jurisprudence
  • International Law

Selected Publications

  • Non-State Actors from the Perspective of the Policy-Oriented School: Power, Law, Actors and the View From New Haven in Participants in the International Legal System: Multiple Perspectives on Non-State Actors in International Law 64-75 (Routledge, 2011).
  • New Approaches to Customary International Law: Review Essay in american journal of international law 163-167 (2011).
  • A Few Steps Toward an Explanatory Theory of International Law in 7 santa clara journal of international law 1-23 (2010).
  • Legal Realism Explains Nothing in 1 washington university jurisprudence review 1-20 (2009).
  • Power, Law, Actors, and the View from New Haven.
  • The Coerciveness of International Law in 52 german yearbook of international law (jahrbuch für internationales recht) 438-460 (2009).
  • National Prosecutions for International Crimes in International Criminal Law (Nijhoff/Brill, 2008).
  • Natural Law: A Libertarian View in 3 fiu law review 97-111 (2007).

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  • AB with distinction and high honors, Cornell University
  • JD magna cum laude, Harvard University
  • PhD, Columbia University

Prior Appointments

  • Professor of Law, 1974-1990, Northwestern University School of Law
  • Stanford Clinton Sr. Research Professor, 1989-1990, Northwestern University School of Law
  • Perkins-Bauer Teaching Professor of Law, 1984-1985, Northwestern University School of Law
  • Associate Professor of Law, 1971-1974, Northwestern University School of Law
  • Assistant Professor of Law and Political Science, 1968-1971, Northwestern University School of Law

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