Destiny Peery

Assistant Professor of Law


Destiny Peery joined the Northwestern faculty in 2014 as an Assistant Professor of Law. Prior to joining Northwestern, she served as a Visiting Assistant Professor of Law at Duke Law School. Professor Peery holds a JD and PhD in social psychology from Northwestern University. Her teaching and research interests focus on law and psychology perspectives on criminal law, discrimination law, the use of social science as evidence, and race and law.

Areas of Expertise

  • Empirical Legal Research
  • Law and Social Science
  • Criminal Law
  • Race and the Law
  • Discrimination Law

Selected Publications

  • The Colorblind Ideal in a Race Conscious Reality: The Case for a New Legal Ideal for Race Relations in 6 northwstern journal of law and social policy 473 (2011).
  • Broadening Horizons: Considerations for Creating a More Complete Science of Diversity in 21 psychological inquiry 146 (2010) (with Jennifer A. Richeson).
  • Achieving Diversity on the Jury: Jury Size and the Peremptory Challenge in 6 journal of empirical legal studies 425 (2009) (with Shari S. Diamond, Francis Dolan, and Emily Dolan).
  • Ambiguity and Ambivalence in the Voting Booth and Beyond: A Social-Psychological Perspective on Racial Attitudes and Behavior in the Obama Era in 6 du bois review 71 (2009) (with Galen V. Bodenhausen).
  • Black + White = Black: Hypodescent in Reflexive Categorization of Racially Ambiguous Faces in 19 psychological science 973 (2008) (with Galen V. Bodenhausen).


  • BA, University of Minnesota
  • PhD, Northwestern University
  • JD, Northwestern University School of Law

Prior Appointments

  • Visiting Assistant Professor of Law, 2012-2014, Duke Law School

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