Nine Students Receive Book Awards for Persuasive Writing Excellence

November 12, 2015

Last month, nine Northwestern Law students received Arlyn Miner Book Awards, an honor given to one student in each Communications and Legal Reasoning section in recognition of their excellence in persuasive writing during the first-year spring semester.

Student Book Awards
Arlyn Miner Book Award Recipients

The 2015 award winners were Liani Balasuriya (JD ’17), Martha Clarke (JD ’17), Stephen Laudone (JD ’17), Kimberly Mason (JD ’17), John Prinzivalli (JD ’16), Craig Sanders (JD ’17), Sam Trimbach (JD ’17), Margaret Truesdale (JD ’17), and Irene Wilburn (JD ’17).

This year’s award recipients received a copy of The Court and the World, by Justice Stephen Breyer. The book examines how foreign and international law have influenced the Supreme Court throughout its history, and argues that US courts will increasingly be required to understand and apply transnational legal principles as disputes increasingly involve parties from around the globe.

Judd and Linda Miner continue to support the book awards, which were established by Judd’s mother, Judith S. Miner, in 1985 in memory of her daughter. The Miner family also sponsors the second-year Julius Miner Moot Court Competition and the first-year, noncompetitive Arlyn Miner Moot Court each spring.