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November 2020


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August 2019


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May 2018


Contributions to Books etc.

June 2017

  • Gerald Gault, Meet Brendan Dassey: Preventing Juvenile False and Coerced Confessions in the 21st Century in The Champion (April 2017) at Page 28 (Co-authored by: Megan Crane, & Laura Nirider) reprinted at FREEDOM FOR BRENDAN DASSEY (May 6, 2017).


Contributions to Books etc.

July 2014

  • Juvenile Justice Investigation: Narrative Contamination, Cultural Stereotypes, and the Scripting of Juvenile False Confessions in Examining Wrongful Convictions: Stepping Back, Moving Forward, edited by Allison D. Redlich, James R. Acker, Robert J. Norris, and Catherine L. Bonventre (Carolina Academic Press 2014) (Co-authored by: Laura Nirider, and Joshua Tepfer).

Periodical Articles

December 2014

  • People of the State of Michigan, Plaintiff-Appellee, v. Kadeem Dennis White, Defendant-Appellant, 30 Thomas M. Cooley Law Review 369 (2013) (Co-authored by: Laura Nirider, Bradley Hall & John R. Minock).

February 2014

  • Scrutinizing Confessions in a New Era of Juvenile Jurisprudence, 50 Court Review: The Journal of The American Judges Association No. 1 (January 2014) (Co-authored by: Joshua A. Tepfer and Laura H. Nirider).


Periodical Articles

November 2013

  • Promoting Accuracy in the Use of Confession Evidence: An Argument for Pretrial Reliability Assessments to Prevent Wrongful Convictions, 85 Temple Law Review 759 (2013) (Co-authored by: Richard A. Leo, Peter J. Neufeld, and Andrew E. Taslitz).


Books and other Monographs

October 2012

  • Reducing Risks: An Executive’s Guide To Effective Juvenile Interview And Interrogation (International Association of Chiefs of Police/Office of Juvenile Justice & Delinquency Prevention, U.S. Department of Justice 2012) (Co-authored by: Laura Nirider, and Joshua Tepfer).

Periodical Articles

July 2012

  • Combatting Contamination in Confession Cases, 79 University of Chicago Law Review 837-862 (2012) (Co-authored by: Laura H. Nirider, and Joshua A. Tepfer).


Periodical Articles

November 2011

book review

May 2011

  • The Lee Arthur Hester Case and the Unfinished Business of the United States Supreme Court to Protect Juveniles During Police Interrogation, 6 Northwestern Journal of Law And Social Policy 358-401 (2011).

January 2011

  • Remarks at the Dinner Celebrating the Centennial of the Journal of Criminal Law and Criminology, January 29, 2010, 100 Journal of Criminal Law & Criminology 1247-1254 (2010).


Contributions to Books etc.

November 2010

  • Afterword in Barbarous Souls, by David Strauss (Northwestern University Press 2010).

Periodical Articles

February 2010

  • Police-Induced Confessions: Risk Factors and Recommendations, 34 Law And Human Behavior 3-38 (2010) (Co-authored by: Saul M. Kassin, Thomas Grisso, Gisli H. Gudjonsson, Richard A. Leo, and Allison D. Redlich).
  • Police-Induced Confessions, Risk Factors, and Recommendations: Looking Ahead , 34 Law And Human Behavior 49-52 (2010) (Co-authored by: Saul M. Kassin, Thomas Grisso, Gisli H. Gudjonsson, Richard A. Leo, and Allison D. Redlich).


Books and other Monographs

August 2009

  • Steven A. Drizin, Rob Warden are the editors of True Stories Of False Confessions (Northwestern University Press 2009) (Co-authored by: Rob Warden ).


Contributions to Books etc.

September 2007

  • Police Interrogation of Youth in The Mental Health Needs of Young Offenders, edited by Carol L. Kessler and Louis James Kraus (Cambridge University Press 2007) (Co-authored by: Allison D. Redlich ).

Periodical Articles

October 2007

  • Are Juvenile Courts A Breeding Ground for Wrongful Convictions?, 34 Northern Kentucky Law Review 257-322 (2007) (Co-authored by: Greg Luloff ).


Periodical Articles

August 2006

  • Bringing Reliability Back In: False Confessions and Legal Safeguards in the Twenty-First Century , 2006 Wisconsin Law Review 479-537 (Co-authored by: Richard A. Leo, Peter J. Neufeld, Bradley R. Hall, and Amy Vatner ).


Contributions to Books etc.

April 2004

  • Tales From the Juvenile Confession Front: A Guide to How Standard Police Interrogation Tactics Can Produce Coerced and False Confessions From Juvenile Suspects in Interrogations, Confessions, And Entrapment, edited by G. Daniel Lassiter (Kluwer Academic/Plenum Publishers 2004) (Co-authored by: Beth A. Colgan).

Periodical Articles

August 2004

  • Heeding the Lessons of History: The Need for Mandatory Recording of Police Interrogations to Accurately Assess the Reliability and Voluntariness of Confessions, 52 Drake Law Review 619 (2004) (Co-authored by: Marissa J. Reich).

April 2004

  • Defending a False or Coerced Confession Case: What Do You Need to Know to Represent Your Clients Effectively?, 12 Wisconsin Defender (Winter 2004).
  • The Problem of False Confessions in the Post DNA World, 82 North Carolina Law Review 891-1007 (2004) (Co-authored by: Richard A. Leo).
  • Abolishing the Use of the Felony-Murder Rule When the Defendant is a Teenager, 28 Nova Law Review 507 (2004) (Co-authored by: Allison McGowen Keegan).


Periodical Articles

April 2003

  • "Owing to the Extreme Youth of the Accused": The Changing Legal Response to Juvenile Homicide, 92 Journal of Criminal Law & Criminology 641-705 (2002) (Co-authored by: David S. Tanenhaus).


Contributions to Books etc.

November 2001

  • Arturo's Case in Zero Tolerance: Resisting The Drive For Punishment In Our Schools, edited by Bernardine Dohrn, William Ayers and Rick Ayers (The New Press 2001) at Pages 31-41.

Newspaper Articles

May 2001

  • Require Police to Videotape Confessions, Detroit News (April 22, 2001) .
  • Felony Murder Rule Should Not Apply to Children, South Florida Sun-sentinel, 19A (May 14, 2001) .

January 2001

  • Coerced Confessions Shine Light on Taping, Chicago Sun-times (February 1, 2001) .

Periodical Articles

May 2001

  • Let the Cameras Roll: Mandatory Videotaping of Interrogations Is the Solution to Illinois' Problem of False Confessions, 32 Loyola University of Chicago Law Journal 337-424 (2001) (Co-authored by: Beth Colgan) .


Newspaper Articles

September 2000

  • It's TV, Not a True 'Confession', Los Angeles Times (September 4, 2000) (Co-authored by: Richard A. Leo) .

August 2000

  • End Juvenile Death Penalty, Baltimore Sun, 9A (August 21, 2000) .

May 2000

  • Juvenile Justice System Tilted Against Minority Youths, Chicago Daily Law Bulletin, 5 (May 12, 2000) .

April 2000

lead commentary piece

  • Old Enough to Kill, Old Enough to Die. While the U.S. Champions Human Rights Abroad, Back at Home 73 Young Men are Sitting on Death Row for Crimes They Committed When they Were Too Young to Smoke, Drink--or Even Vote. Why Are Our Attittudes Toward Troubled Youth So Out of Step With the Rest of the World?, San Francisco Chronicle (April 16) (Co-authored by: Stephen K. Harper) .

Periodical Articles

May 2000

book review

  • Charting a New Course for Juvenile Justice: Listening to Outsiders, 90 Journal of Criminal Law And Criminology 363-389 (1999) (Co-authored by: Thomas F. Geraghty) .


Periodical Articles

September 1999

  • The Juvenile Court at 100, 83 Judicature 8-15 (1999).